4 Reasons Why You Should Participate at Indiana’s PIVOT 2016 Conference

pivot 2016 conference

The PIVOT 2016 conference is one of this year’s main events taking place in Indiana. Its purpose is to offer innovation ideas that will enable businesses and organizations to leap forward and grow.

Who should be present?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business professionals
  • Community leaders


If you’re one of them, you’re most likely a busy person. But it will be worth reserving time to be among the attendees.

The PIVOT 2016 conference will help you uncover new ways of growing your business. You’ll get insight on how to pivot your business and how it can benefit you.

The advantages of attending the conference are considerable. Read on to discover four of the most important ones.

#1 Major Networking Opportunities

Sometimes, a new approach when it comes to managing your business can be extremely useful. An out-of-the-box idea could make a significant difference and increase your chances of success.

And who better to inspire you with new ideas than like-minded people and experienced professionals?

pivot 2016 conference

The PIVOT 2016 conference offers you great networking opportunities.

It is an event for business professionals and entrepreneurs, so you’ll have the opportunity to interact with many of your peers.

That means you’ll be able to learn from their professional experience over a cup of coffee and make arrangements for future collaborations during lunch.

#2 Learn from Experienced Professionals

There’s something new you can learn every day, so you’re never done learning. When it comes to entrepreneurs and business owners, staying up-to-date with information in their industries is vital to their success.

If you attend the conference, you’ll get the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals like Michael Thomas, the COO of LEAP Managed IT.

Here are some key aspects you should know about his professional experience:

  • Prior to joining LEAP Managed IT, he worked for 15 years at a Fortune 200 company, Colgate. He was in charge of a nationwide team dedicated to consulting large organizations on how to use technology to enhance business results.
  • He led a unit of Walmart responsible for $300 million in sales.
  • In 2009, he co-founded a drug development company focused on smart therapies for the treatment of severe bone disorders.

At the conference, he will compile his best advice in a session called “Lessons from an 85-Year-Old Start-up”. The session will be presented together with his brother and business partner Gary Thomas.

You’ll learn key aspects about pivoting and how it can help your business get ahead of the competition.

#3 The PIVOT 2016 Conference Is a Place for Big Innovation Ideas

The PIVOT 2016 conference will be a place where big innovation ideas are revealed. From pivoting to better meet your customers’ needs to finding new and improved ways of doing daily tasks, you’ll get access to fresh ideas that will inspire you.

pivot 2016 conference

“Driving Big Innovation” is the title of the session dedicated to this topic. It will be presented by Dr. Michael Goldsby, Chief Entrepreneurship Officer at the Ball State University.

His research is often cited by big international media outlets like CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and the Associated Press. Also, he is one of the authors of “Innovation Acceleration: Transforming Organizational Thinking.”

#4 Improve Your Sales Techniques

If you’re more interested in sales, you’ll love Matt Nettleton’s session.

“How to Turn the Sales Engine ON in Every Organization” will highlight key aspects on upping your sales game.

Matt is an experienced professional who knows how to help salespersons become the best they can be. You can find some testimonials about his work right here.

The PIVOT 2016 conference will debut on 16th of November. The location is Launch Fishers 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers, IN 46038.

For more information and details about the early-bird offer and pricing, please visit pivotindiana.com.

Patrycja Thomas

Author: Patrycja Thomas

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