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Complete Dental IT Solutions

Setting up and running a successful dental practice is not an easy task.  Lot’s of factors contribute to the success or failure of a practice.  Thus, understanding technology is key and having the technology work for you will aid in your success. It’s hard to be the expert in everything, but having the right Dental IT Solutions partner is critical.

Tips to Start

  1. With lots of Software options, know what will work for you.  Ask the experts on their recommendations.  What is most popular among the dental community and why? How does it integrate with other systems?  Who will help if it’s not working and how long can you afford to be without technology? HIPAA – The most vital piece of the puzzle since it impacts every dental practice.  First and foremost, you need a Dental IT Solutions partner that understands the ins and outs of HIPAA. Every electronic piece of patient data that includes health information falls under the HIPAA compliance umbrella.
    One of the most vital part in dental practices is the HIPAA requirement. This is where electronic health information are stored, protected and backup from time to time. Every health care provider, regardless of size, who electronically transmit health information, belongs under this entity.

Highest Level of Service

Scheduling of patients, Charting, Treatment Planning and Integrated Digital Imaging are some of the most important features a dental practice should include. Through these available advancements, practices run efficiently. Thus, it allows you to focus on providing the highest level of service to your patients.

  1. LEAP Managed IT uses best security practices and technologies to ensure safety and security to maintain the privacy of all electronic date and records.

Dental IT Solutions by Leap is a tailored project to help your dental practice utilize technology to its full potential. Whether you are new and just starting, expanding your practice into different locations or just simply upgrading your system, Leap dental IT team is ready to assist you.

From server upgrades, data security, backup to staff training, LEAP Managed IT will see it through the whole process. Making sure that your dental IT solutions work seamlessly through the entire process of your practice. Take full control and explore the possibilities in dental technology and software today!  For more about Dental IT Solutions, visit today!

Cyber Security Best Practices

A Different Mind Set

Running a business can be challenging. Focus on sales, marketing and services is certainly not enough.  Cyber Security Best Practices is always top of mind. It is up to you to protect your business and clients from cyber threats too. Maintaining a protected network and data is necessary. So, how can a business avoid being a victim of a cyber attack?

It is easy to think that because you have a small business, cyber criminals will pass over attacking your company. This mindset is completely incorrect. It is found that 71 percent of cyber-attacks happened at businesses with less than 100 employees.

Here are Cyber Security Best Practices that you can use as a guide:

  • Use a firewall as your first line of defense. It provides a barrier between your data and cyber criminals. It also prevents unauthorized access for your network. In addition to the standard external firewall, many companies are starting to install internal firewalls to provide another level of protection.
  • Educating your employees. Train all employees who are accessing the network about cyber security best practices and security policies. Since the policies are evolving as cyber criminals become more resourceful, it is essential to have regular updates on new protocols.
  • Enforcing of safe password practices. Changing passwords from time to time can be a pain. However, Data Breach Investigations Report found that 63% of data breaches happened due to lost, stolen or weak passwords. As a responsible business owner, strict password policies should be enforced for protection. Recommend that employees be required to use passwords with upper- and lowercase letters, combined with numbers and symbols. It is also best to require password change at least once every 60 days. Also,explore Two-Factor Authentication options.
  • Take time to backup all data. While it is important to prevent as many attacks as possible, it is still possible to experience breach regardless of your precaution. Be one-step ahead, regularly backup all important data. Make sure that backups are stored in a separate location in case of flood or fire. It is also important to check you backup regularly to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

Secure Cyber Management

Owning and running a business or organization, in any size can sometimes be frustrating. Aside from thinking of the sales, we have to realize our responsibility, to our employees and customers. Preventing financial loss, disruption of daily activities and keeping your reputation is achievable through secure cyber management. This is where Managed IT Service becomes necessary. For more on cyber security best practices, backup and data security, visit today.

Carey Services: Breaking Barriers

Carey Services Helps Overcome Challenges

Carey Services strives to help overcome challenges faced by those needing the most assistance. A challenge is defined as something that puts you to the test. Therefore, it pushes you to your limits and can be overcome. As humans, we face challenges every day. Every time we conquer them, we improve. This month, Leap is proud to feature their partner, Carey Services, who helps in overcoming challenges by turning disabilities and barriers into opportunities. Hence, making progress and having a better community by helping families through education and employment.

Carey Services is a community-based human services organization. They assist individuals and families turn abilities into productivity. Furthermore, they focus on providing personalized services making lives better. Above all, they are dedicated to serve with integrity, excellence and professionalism.

Service and Integrity

Carey Services include Family and Individual Program, focusing on Community based supported living. Further, they provide Early Head Start Program for families with children under 3 years old and pregnant women. In addition, they also assist in early education with follow through. After that, an employment assistance service will help that person find work in the community.

Together, Carey Services and LEAP Managed IT believe in making a better world through personalized service and assistance. Tapping potential and opportunities for those persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Above all, giving importance to each and every ones abilities.

Annual Duck Race

As part of continuing efforts, Carey Services presents a fund-raising event. In cooperation with Marion City Parks and Recreation Department. It’s the 13th Annual Duck Race. It is the largest and most anticipated race of rubber ducks in North Central Indiana. It will be held at The Splash House in Marion. Event will be on June 22, 2019 and will start 11:00 am. LEAP Managed IT is a proud sponsor of this event for the past years. Similarly, sharing with them the passion to make a difference. In addition, taking time to have fun with friends and family and win prizes.

For more details on the event, please visit

Visit LEAP Managed IT to see how we have helped companies grow and meet their technology goals!

Managed IT Solutions through Leap

Managed IT Solutions

“Good things take time”, as they say. This quote is so true, especially when it comes to IT. It takes a lot of time and patience to achieve the desired result. A good and strong foundation is necessary for starters. To withstand the fast pace change in technology.  Through managed IT solutions, you can start focusing on growing your business. While we take care of the nitty gritty IT part. We have come to the 4th Step of IT Master Plan. After the Initial Consultation, Onsite Evaluation and IT Master Plan Development, the real fun begins with the 4th Step! This is the part where changes will start to come to life and experience stronger IT solutions.

The Leap to the 4th Step:

At this stage, Leap experts have already uncovered all issues, challenges and struggles that you are experiencing. Therefore, they have already created an IT Master Plan focused on addressing these issues on hand. A step-by-step outline will be presented to you on how to rectify the obstacles.

LEAP Managed IT experts will also recommend the necessary software and hardware. All recommendations will be beneficial for your organization. It will focus on what only is in need. With these changes, Leap experts will take the responsibility of training you and your staff on how it works.

Along with the presentation, solutions and opportunities to how technology can help your organization will be a part of the discussion. It is an opportunity to learn for both the experts and you. Exchanging of ideas will be encouraged. Through open communication, it is easier to reach the goals. Leap will also answer the question of…how much will it cost.

Clearer Vision

This stage will get rid of the hit and miss part. A clearer vision on where you want to see your organization in the coming days.  Review the IT Master Plan further and Leap will be happy to answer all follow up questions you may have in mind. With trust and confidence, you and your organization are on the way to hassle and pain free IT. So go ahead, discover Managed IT Solutions and take the LEAP! Schedule your IT Master Plan today!


IT Support for Dental Practices

IT Support for your Practice

Managing a successful dental practice is not like a walk in the park. It involves understanding various dental software to make the system work for you. Although dental software is readily available and easy to access, it does not mean that it will all be good for your practice. One must understand and have a detailed plan of operation to know which software to choose and why. Understanding dental software options is even more difficult.  It involves a complex system to make it run smoothly on a daily basis. LEAP Managed IT has come up with streamlined IT Support for Dental Practices.

Dental software will help your practice function efficiently. Getting the best IT Support for dental practices will ensure that you and your staff will begin the journey of learning what your software has to offer.  While you may be in camp two, you have not made the technology leap. Both sides need not to worry. We will look at a few tips and get expert advice from Dental IT Support leaders from Leap. Along with ideas on how to find the best dental tech support. Dental practice software has many features; your dental IT support team should help find the right fit for your practice.

Here are some specifics you should look out:

The most important will include the Scheduling of Patients, Charting, Treatment Planning and Integrated Digital Imaging. Because, not only do these features help your practice run efficiently. Hence they help your patients receive a higher level of customer service and stand out from your competition.

Take the Indianapolis Dental Practice Market; it has a wide range of providers.  Some are small independent Indianapolis dental practices that have one dentist, maybe two hygienists and an office assistant.  This practice logs all charts with pen and paper and does okay financially.

Another practice has two dentists, 4-5 hygienists and a three-person cross-trained office staff.  The second practice has an automated appointment reminder system along with text and email confirmation.  They track cancellations or rescheduling issues days prior to the appointment. Others wait for the traditional call that the first office would make one day prior to the appointment.  Consequently, this practice is more proactive and profitable all due to technology.

It’s time to explore some of the dental software options available today!

Online appointments and Communications Manager, such as Dentrix Patient Engagement solutions, offers great convenience.  It allows patients to schedule appointments online. It automatically sends dental appointment reminders and through email and text messages. Confirmed appointments then automatically appears in the appointment book. Making it a breeze to manage your patients’ day to day.

Digital Treatment Planning eliminates digging through file cabinets with thousands of dental health records, histories and treatment plans. Through this software, patients can readily visualize treatments and dental plans. With Patterson Eaglesoft Treatment Planning Software, you can also easily explain the potential financial impact of a treatment with insurance estimates and images to go along.

The Seamless Integration of Digital Imaging from Patterson Eaglesoft provides the most complete dental digital package available today. From video images to digital x-rays, giving you the ability to acquire and store all image types in one patient record, making it more organized, efficient and accessible.

Taking Full Control of your Practice

The possibilities in dental technology and software are endless. The future of dentistry is here and it is now. To be able to stay on top of your dental practice, it is time to adapt to the changes. Learn more on how to maximize and take full control of your practice through the latest technology. To know more about Leap’s IT Support for Dental Practices, visit

We also provide IT Support for dental practices in the greater Indianapolis area including Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Westfield and Greenwood.

Cyber Security and IT Master Plan Development

Evolving IT

Technology is constantly evolving, with new hardware and software being released faster than ever. All this changes is exciting, most especially for companies that depend on these technologies. However, these updates in technology is incredibly challenging. It becomes frustrating for business owners and those who run an organization. To keep up with innovative competitors and deal with cyber security issues and IT Master Plan development. Therefore, it is important to continue with LEAP Managed IT’s Master Plan to optimize your IT’s potential.

The 3rd Step is the IT Master Plan Development

  • After the completion of Onsite Evaluation, as part of the continuing process, Leap Team experts will run an analysis. By compiling, scrutinizing and breaking down all the data at hand, the team will have a good head start. Part of the process is assessing all vulnerabilities, weaknesses along with identifying security risks factors. This part will also determine what the organizations wants to achieve and become.
  • After thorough studying and analyzing, the Leap Team experts will develop an IT blue print for your organization. It aims to show the totality of the plan to improve your IT layout. Pinpointing your organizations strengths and weaknesses, so changes are focus where needed and enhance what is existing. Leap experts will discuss with you the areas where your organization is susceptible to threats and how to address it. Keeping in mind the safety of your IT system in general. This stage may seem like doom and gloom, but there is no need to worry as it is better to be 1 step ahead always.
  • Detailed recommendations on processes, hardware, and software. This part will require more from you. Leap experts will lay out the cyber security risks and IT Master Plan especially made for your organization. You will have a clearer picture of the improvements that is going to take place.

In the End

The end result of the IT Master Plan  is focus on the improvement of your IT Systems and Operations. The difference will be seen and felt when the system is on the move. It aims to make the users feel secure and worry less about cyber security, data breach, back up and storage. It is made to empower the users thus making it easier to achieve the common goal of the organization. To avoid IT frustrations, visit, to know more about IT Master Plan.

Partners to Progress with Future Choices

Empower People with Disabilities

March is “Disability Awareness Month.” In this connection, LEAP Managed IT focuses on partner Future Choices. Their leadership centers on the success of people with special needs. Inspired by passion to create opportunities for minorities and people with disabilities. Future Choices helps to enjoy a full-fledged life of independence in an integrated and safe community.

Future Choices mission includes providing access to services required for Independent Living through:

  • Information and Referral Services assist individuals connect to the resources they need to develop skills needed for Independent Living.
  • Independent Living Skills – Life Skill Training Services include instructions to develop a person with disability for independent living. Skills in areas such as personal care, coping, financial management, social skills and household management. This may also include education and training necessary for living in a community.
  • Advocacy and Legal Services assist in obtaining access to an individual’s benefits, services and programs to which he or she may be entitled.
  • Peer counseling includes information sharing, counseling, teaching and similar kinds of contact provided to consumers by other people with disabilities.
  • Transition Services facilitates the period of change for people with disabilities from nursing homes and other institutions to home and community based living. They also facilitate the transition of youth with disabilities into higher education.

Through various activities that assist people with disability, develop knowledge and skills for effective future and empowering their families is Future Choices advocacy. Together with LEAP Managed IT, as partner in IT Solutions, assisting Future Choices in 7 counties in the Indianapolis area. LEAP Managed IT and Future Choices share a common core of the power of empowerment.  Furthermore, achieving the positive through focus and tailored solutions, Future Choices and LEAP Managed IT continues to thrive for excellence in their respective fields.

Better Future and Choices

Social protection plays a vital role in realizing the rights of persons with disabilities of all ages. Therefore, it is important that adequate information and assistance to make the lives better. Future Choices paves the way to a better future, where there are choices and promotes independence.

Finally, for more information, visit today!



IT Support and Solutions On Site Evaluation: 2nd Step to Leap’s IT Master Plan

Achieve IT’s Full Potential with superior IT Support and Solutions

Growing companies often face technical challenges, finding help with IT Support and Solutions being one major obstacle. Business success and growth are hampered by IT hindrances, especially when they are not set up to withstand the changes that takes place in IT. One of the biggest struggle however, is creating an IT vision for your company and getting the best use for it. Thus, finding a partner that not only provides IT Support and Solutions is key. This blog will discuss Onsite Evaluation, the 2nd step in Leap’s IT Master Plan. A step closer to achieving your IT’s full potential a eliminate frustrations.

The 2nd Step of Leap’s IT Master Plan is the Onsite Evaluation

A part of the whole process is the onsite evaluation. Led by LEAP experts, they will visit and assess your current setup.

  • This is a more complex stage as they will evaluate your overall IT infrastructure. Are you getting enough speed from your internet provider? Is your network safe? Do you have a backup plan In case of flood or fire? These questions need answers and solutions.
  • Leap experts will assess you network, devices and security. It is important that they have all the details to be able to pinpoint your company’s strengths and weaknesses. It includes checking your server, every workstation and all computers connected to the network.
  • Compliance policies, data backup, data storage and setting up a contingency plan will also be a part of this step. They will also discuss your business continuity plans and look into the bigger picture and where you want to see your business in the future.
  • What type of IT Support and Solutions are you currently receiving? (For instance, help desk ticket averages, plan reviews?)
  • It is important to note that the team works efficiently, minimizing the intrusion and down time to your team.
  • The evaluation process typically takes between 2 to 5 hours depending on the size of your organization.

2nd Step Closer to IT Master Plan

In short, 2 more steps and your organization is on its way to a stronger!  With follow through and recommendation presented  by your Leap partners, it is in your hands whether to jump in or not. After thorough assessment, strengths and weaknesses can now be pin pointed and addressed. For more details on Leaps IT Master Plan, visit today!

IT Master Plan: Initial Consultation, Step 1

Tailored IT

Everything is running smoothly in your workplace and all of a sudden, it’s not. Yes, it’s impossible, one may say, but it can happen.  As technology continues to evolve and change at faster rates, we must be able to keep up.  For same reason LEAP Managed IT developed the  IT Master Plan. A 4 step plan designed to eliminate IT frustrations, business leaders and owners can now focus on growing the business.

Is your network fast and safe? Is it secure? Do you have a backup plan and recovery for significant data? Are your workstations failing unexpectedly?  With LEAP Managed IT’s IT Master Plan, there is always a way to make technology work better for you.

The process is simple but requires some commitment on your part and a little bit of time. LEAP Managed IT’s IT Master Plan has 4 stages. It ensures and creates a strong foundation and partnership.

The 1st step  is the Initial Consultation

  • The LEAP Managed IT Team will schedule an appointment to sit down with you and any other critical leaders. This is a “getting to know you” part. The team will learn about your organization and suggest how IT can improve your business flow. It will be an open forum and it is important to be honest. Exchanging of ideas will also be encouraged to be able to achieve the goal furthermore prepared to answer any inquiries you may have.
  • The team will learn about your IT struggles and frustrations. This way they will be able to create an IT program that suits your organization. Focusing on making tasks easier, done in timely manner, cost efficiently and safely.
  • The most important part on this step is learning about where you want to go with your business. Where you want to see it in the coming years?

Look forward to the Next Step

Don’t let IT frustrations and struggles hamper business growth. Let LEAP Managed IT shape technology around your business needs. The next step of IT Master Plan will be discussed in the next blog. For more details, visit



Toner Cartridge Recycling

First of all, recycling in general is a great practice. It allows individuals and organizations alike to contribute positively to our environment. With conscious effort in doing our share of responsibilities, we take part in the fight to have a healthy future for our planet. At present, organizations have developed a recycling protocol for toner cartridge. This ensure that they are doing their part for the environment. Many may not realize it now, but recycling toner cartridges will greatly make a difference.

Facts about Toner Cartridge Recycling

  • Printer cartridges is made up of a complex combination of plastics, metals, foams, ink and toner. Throwing them into landfill represents a waste of resources. It contributes to the growing problem of electronic waste. Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing forms of waste.
  • A cartridge can take up to 450 years to decompose. Some components of the cartridge take over 1,000 years.
  • Cartridges discarded in landfills leak into soil and waterways. It leads to water and air pollution due to the emissions.
  • Each recycled ink cartridge saves about two ounces of oil. Making most products from recycled materials uses less water and energy than making them from new materials.
  • Currently, only around one-third of the cartridges are recycled, which means that the rest 70% goes to waste. Since cartridges take up to years to completely decompose. Most companies all over the world have taken an initiative to spread the benefits associated with recycling.

In the End

Major companies like Canon have already supported the move and have collaborated with programs that recycle toner cartridges. By raising awareness, sending a global message to all the other companies to take a step in the positive direction. At LEAP Managed IT, we encourage and support you to participate in various recycling programs. Keeping in mind that in the end, this world will be a better place to live in.

Imaging and Print Solutions with Canon Copiers

Two Heads are Better Than One

LEAP Managed IT takes great pride to be the #1 dealer of Canon Copier in Indianapolis area for over 20 years.  Canon is a multinational corporation. They specialize in the manufacture of imaging and optical products. It is a brand that is certainly associated with quality, innovative hardware and groundbreaking technology across the world.

Canon Business Solutions division offers multi-functional copiers and printers that suit your business needs. Above all, focus to simplifying the experience of the end user through high performance office products. The multi-function copier division is Canon’s largest division. It brings you carefully designed copier machines in professional-grade series that ranges from small tabletops to large digital presses.

Here are some important points to consider with Canon Copiers:

  • Workflow Efficiency – With this feature, it allows the user to maximize time thru integration with Canon and various third-party software making it accessible. Mobile solutions are supported and integrated with many popular cloud devices like Google Drive and Box.
  • Cost Management- When you have a reliable copier, there is no need to rely on outside printing vendors. It allows you to have a predictable printing budget and at the same time save staff time and energy.
  • Quality and Reliability- Canon’s signature reliability and engine technologies help keep productivity high, thus minimizing the impact on support resources. With outstanding imaging technologies and toner allow for consistently striking images, using Canon’s V2 color profile.
  • Sustainability- Finally, Canon’s combination of technologies and low-melting-point toner minimizes power requirement and help achieve low energy consumption. Furthermore, encouraging environmentally conscious work practices by enabling multiple settings, as a result, help save paper and energy.

Canon Copier Concierge

LEAP Managed IT’s commitment to being a trusted Canon copier dealer, continues with Canon Copier Concierge. It is available to manage your printing challenges. We are serving businesses and Organizations in Indianapolis, Muncie, Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville and Ft. Wayne. With Managed Print Service, solutions for all your printing needs are provided. Thus making it cost and time efficient. You can connect with Leap’s Canon Copier Concierge for outstanding print management & tech support. For more on LEAP Managed IT and Canon Copier Concierge, visit today!

Partner in Focus: Shafer Leadership Academy

Partnering with Shafer Leadership Academy

First of all, imagine a world where people channel their energy to make a difference. A community where progress and development are given more focus. LEAP Managed IT is proud to spotlight our partners from Shafer Leadership Academy (SLA) SLA believes that effective leaders can make a difference. Hence, Shafer Leadership Academy provides the tools needed to reach those goals.

Being a non-profit leadership development organization helps them focus on their goals. Their mission is to provide access for people of various backgrounds and interest to become leaders. Through expert leadership training, meeting the needs of communities, business organizations and private individuals.

SLA provides leadership spark and skills to individuals through their various programs

  • Community Programs facilitate exercises and informative activities. This first step is for individuals to discover their potential as a leader.
  • Advance Leadership Retreat, focuses on the developing personal qualities, self-awareness and personal values. Leadership, whether in the corporate world or community environment relies on strong facilitation of skills. Likewise, when working with groups and colleagues.
  • Modification of programs and training for employees are offered thru SLA’s Custom Programs.  While this provides consistent development in an organization. SLA creates programs and leadership training for employees. Thus, promoting progress and growth. As a result, organizations make the most of its employees potential.
  • Above all, Shafer Leadership Academy’s programs are customized with a specific or sets of goals. Each program is interactive and engaging. Most noteworthy, SLA works with organizations in advance to customize the delivery and provide post-session consultations. With the post-session consultation the learning  experiences are maximized thru continuous evaluations.

Motivate Minds

Today is your new beginning. Motivate minds and empower leaders with Shafer Leadership Academy.

Leap partners with Shafer Leadership Academy for training and development.  We help our team identify their strength and grow their skills.

Similarly, our philosophies are simple and in sync. Development through training and technology.  Because having a foundation for growth helps organizations reach their goals.

Finally, learn about Leap’s IT Master Plan.  Visit today. Above all, make changes to help your team grow, invest in the people that help make your business a success.