New Wave Technology and Cyber Security

What’s the Next Big Thing?

2019 is here! We are starting off with this year’s technology forecast. We look forward to 12 new months of new discoveries.  While in 2018, the world experienced the coming out of technologies. Such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Today these tools are accessible to everyone.  Hence, it is widely used among businesses and consumers. Amidst all the development, one thing is certain and become more aggressive. Cyber security, hacking, fraud is rising to new levels.

Let’s take a look at tech industry experts speculations about the next “big thing”.

Upcoming trends and next wave of breakout in technology:

  1. 5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity. With cutting edge technology, 5G offers faster speed and more reliable connection. Most important, it will provide the infrastructure needed to carry huge amounts of data.
  2. AI- Led Automation is the breakout technology for 2019. It is expected that data mining and management, business processes will witness automation via neutral networks. IT Services, customer support will be taken to the next level via machine-learning based solutions.
  3. Artificial Intelligence goes from expert-only to everywhere. As per Deloitte, 70 percent will obtain these capabilities through the cloud.                65 percent will create AI applications using cloud-based development services.
  4. Mainstreamed Internet of Things. While IoT is not a new concept, it will move from pre-adoption to a mainstream solution that retail, manufacturing, health care. It will be a part of  everyday business operation. According to Frank Cittadino of QQS Networks & Forbes Technology Council Member, it will change the way consumers and businesses get real-time data.
  5. We have already heard of the 4k TVs. They are called 4k because the display content is 4,000 pixels wide. In 2019, companies go big with 8k TV’s. Certainly, enhancing the viewer experience.

Wrapping Up

All the new wave in technology for 2019 is overwhelming. Through all these developments, cyber security threats are still possible. Furthermore, businesses are pursuing full digital operations. However ,advanced technology is still vulnerable to challenges and human error. These mistakes include data loss, fraud, cyber security issues. For technology and business solution upgrades and managed IT services, contact for more details.  Also check out industry leader Tier 3 IT Solutions for additional details on  Network Security Services that can help keep your business safe and secure.

And the Winner Is? 2018’s List of the Worst Passwords

Data Breaches link to Bad Passwords

With all the cyber data breaches happening around the globe some interesting data is coming out of it. One of our favorite lists is the worst passwords of the year and this year didn’t disappoint.

Consequently, cyber criminals don’t have to work very hard with the top five on the list and to be honest it’s shameful.

Furthermore, according to a study by SplashData of more than 5 million passwords leaked on the internet during the course of 2018, it’s no wonder hacking and cyber breaches continue to grow.

Gary Thomas, President of LEAP Managed IT, it goes beyond weak passwords:

“The cyber criminals are taking the business of stealing data more serious than the leadership in those businesses. However, most people have the mindset that a data breach won’t happen to them and that attitude leads to poor protocols, weak or no IT ongoing support and in the bigger picture a loss of revenue.”

Finally, here’s the list of the top-25 worst passwords of 2018 — is yours on the list?

1. 123456

2. password

3. 123456789

4. 12345678

5. 12345

6. 111111

7. 1234567

8. sunshine

9. qwerty

10. iloveyou

11. princess

12. admin

13. welcome

14. 666666

15. abc123

16. football

17. 123123

18. monkey

19. 654321

20. !@#$%^*

21. charlie

22. aa123456

23. donald

24. password1

25. qwerty123

Almost everyone has been in a pinch and scrambling for that quick password reset. Thus, this a good reminder that unfortunately hackers are always searching for ways to gain access to your information.

Lastly, consider changing yours if you have one or more from these list. Finally, cyber security is often taken for granted and the impact of data breached or hacking is quite damaging.  For that reason, consider learning more about cyber security, visit today! 



Cyber Security and Online Shopping

Cappuccino and Cyber Security

How convenient is it to just browse through your favorite online stores and do your Christmas shopping while sitting down having a cappuccino? But do you know that there are also cyber security risks involved in doing everybody’s favorite online shopping.
Christmas is just days away. To avoid the Christmas shopping rush, long lines and to save more time, people today opt for online shopping to buy Christmas presents. While shopping online is always successful, you also need to take special precautions. Make sure that your credit card data is secure when you submit them. Scammers out there are on the lookout for financial details that they can use.

Cyber security tips to make sure that your online holiday shopping is safe:

ÔÇó Use secure passwords. Most shopping websites require you to create an account before your first purchase. You are ask to enter your personal information such as name, address, phone number and your payment details. The website then asks you to create or enter a password. Make sure to use a unique, secure password and avoid using your initials or birth dates. Choose different passwords for different sites. If someone gets a hold of that password by hacking one company’s servers, they will try to use it on other major shopping sites. Cyber criminals will be able to make purchases under your credit card number.
ÔÇó Avoid shopping using public Wi-Fi networks unless you use a VPN, which encrypts all data from your computer or mobile devices.
ÔÇó Make sure that the shopping site is secure. Remember that you are entering your personal info and credit card details. An easy way to check this in    web browsers is that they have a secure HTTPS connection. Your data is sent between your browser and website you are connected to over a protocol. It also means that all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

Make your online Christmas shopping worthwhile without the hassle of experiencing credit card fraud and identity theft. It is always better to be cyber safe than Sorry! Happy Holidays to you all from www.leapmanagedit com

Is IT Staff Training Important?

Human Error

Accidents happen and in fact, human error can be the biggest threat to your business. Accidental data deletion, failure to back up, weak password and hacking can happen. These mistakes can damage your and your clients business. Using computers is part of our day-to-day business life – no wonder we accidentally delete or overwrite important business file. The reality is we make mistakes. Therefore, it is very important to let your employees undergo IT Staff Training.

Many businesses neglect proper computer training which enables employees to use IT effectively. Many failed to implement fundamental cyber security policies and procedures that leave businesses exposed to potential cyber-attack, data loss.  Having a trained staff to handle basic IT challenges when they arise prevents widespread damage.

Empowering Work Force

IT Staff Training helps you makes the most out of technology. It helps you reach your goals for your business. Having staff who knows how to do things properly will make your organization more efficient and systematic.  With the right software and well trained staff, IT frustrations can become a thing of the past.

A good example here would be our partners from Wasson Nursery and PrimeTrust Financial Credit Union. LEAP Managed IT’s 3-Minute to a Stronger Company guide shows that the key to security and productivity is staff training, which is a part of the program from Leap. A staff training follows to effectively leverage software systems and empower employees as soon as the system is installed. This ensures that your manpower is knowledgeable with IT best practices and your cyber assets are protected.

IT Best Practices

Make your people the strongest link in your organization by training them with IT best practices. No matter how updated your servers or software is, it may still cause trouble due to human error. For more details, visit


Knowing your Managed IT Services Provider

The Bottom Line

The bottom line for Managed IT Services Provider is to train, maintain and support staff while providing the clients with the best service. It is also important to protect the data of the clients whatever the organization size may be. At present, the managed IT Service and Support industry is crowded. Over saturation makes it challenging to separate the services offered. As for business owners and decision makers, it is their responsibility to choose the best Managed IT Services Provider.

Guidelines for Choosing Managed IT Service Providers:

Make sure that they are using the right tools. This will make a huge difference as technology landscape keeps updating and changing. With the right tools that the MSP will provide, updates and upgrades will be less expensive and not to mention risky.

Making sure that they recognize the problem because it is the first step in solving it. Like LEAP Managed IT, the first step they take in their IT Master Plan program is a consultation. They learn about your IT struggles and frustrations and find variety of solutions. They also make it a priority to learn about where you want to go with your business.  Then, they tailor an IT Master Plan for your organization.

Their alignment with industry best practices. Your Managed IT Services Provider should be able to provide security, business continuity, risk management and planning, disaster recovery planning and dedicated round the clock service. A streamlined server upgrade is beneficial, without having to risk losing data and maintain security.

Managed IT Services Provider Indianapolis

Lastly, your Managed IT Services Provider should be experienced and with good reputation. The longer a company has been in operation, the greater experience they can offer. This includes a broad and diverse client base. A good record of accomplishment can also be an indicator of future performances. To know more about Managed IT Services, visit today!

Business Safety and Cyber Security

Business Responsibility

Running a business or an organization can be overwhelming. Focus on sales, marketing and services is certainly not enough. It is up to you to protect your business and clients from cyber threats too. Hence, Cyber Security is an important part in keeping your business safe. Maintaining a protected network and data is necessary. A very good example will be one of our partners, PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union. Being a financial institution, client information such as social security numbers and credit or debit card data should be secured at all times.

Cyber Security Practices

The Federal Trade Commission’s blog series entitled Stick with Security guide extracts lessons from data security cases for the last decade. Furthermore, the following can help improve your business and its cyber and data security practices:

* Collect and store only the customer or user information that your business uses. Safely destroy all the information that is no longer needed. Get rid of documents by making it unreadable through available software to wipe off unnecessary data.

* Require employees to choose complicated passwords and do not allow them to use similar passwords for different accounts. A 2-factor authentication can also be required to protect your network from hackers. By this, with a certain number of unsuccessful password login attempts, you will be able to suspend or disable user access.

* Tailor administrative access. If employees do not need to use sensitive information as part of their job, do not give them access.

* Use widely accepted industry-tested methods for securing data.

* Implement strong authentication procedures including password standards, to ensure only authorized individual can access information.

* Avoid leaving items such as paper files, laptops, external hard drives or flash drives with information in an open or easily accessible area. Train staff not to leave information in files, on computers or on devices unprotected, unattended or exposed to public when traveling for work.

* Finally, use tools to monitor activity on your network. Limit third-party access and ensure that computers with remote access have appropriate endpoint security.

Secure Cyber Management

Owning and running a business or organization, in any size can sometimes be frustrating. Aside from thinking of the profit, we have to realize our responsibility, to our employees and customers. Preventing financial loss, disruption of daily activities and keeping your reputation is achievable through secure cyber management. This is where Managed IT Service becomes necessary. For more on cyber security, back up and data security, visit today

A Glimpse at PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union

Partnering with PrimeTrust

PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union. Sharing 80 years of service excellence with our communities.   They know their members by name and the approach has not changed.  You have a say in how your money works for you.  They are the experts that help reach your  financial goals.

LEAP Managed IT is excited to spotlight our partners at PrimeTrust.  Their Mission Statement and values are what they hold above everything else.

“PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union’s mission is to provide financial advantage to its members in a way that promotes their overall quality of life.”

Businesses talk about helping quality of life. PrimeTrust turns their mission into reality.

Being member-owned and not-for-profit cooperatives, the focus is your financial success.  PrimeTrust is owned and governed by it’s own members. Each loan originates from the deposits of members to co-members. The profit is reinvested in better rates and low-and-no-service fees.

PrimeTrust is committed to you and the community

Equally important, is  their  goal to promote and assist communities.  Thus raising up the quality of life of its members through financial assistance.

“At PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union, concern for community is a critical part of our organizational DNA.”

They believe in creating a better place to live, work and raise families.  The spirit of civic leadership is shared by the employees and members alike.

Throughout the Years

Being around since 1935, PrimeTrust has experienced growth and changed with the times.  Similarly,  investing in their people, technology and most importantly their members.  Hence, LEAP Managed IT is proud to team up with PrimeTrust.  Together, these two organizations continue to develop and grow.  Both focus on serving their partners in better ways.

Leap brings technological peace of mind to many partners.  Because of being a financial institution, cyber security is always a top priority.   Therefore, Leap developed a training program not just for PrimeTrust employees but also its members.  Educating the community on the “do’s and don’ts'” of cyber security.  As a result, Leap is proud of being able to serve the financial community and share IT Best Practices with its members.

Two Heads are Better than One

When two experts work together, nothing becomes impossible.  While PrimeTrust manages the finances of over 16,500 people today, LEAP Managed IT focuses on a tailored IT Master Plan. It benefits both small and medium enterprises. Visit to learn more about membership benefits.  To learn more about an IT Master Plan visit




Wasson Nursery & Strong Business Practice

Wasson Nursery a Growing Business, plants included

“They are my go to place for plants”, “Throughout the year they hold different events.  Everyone that I have been to has been wonderful!” Amazing feedback provided by customers who have the ultimate Wassson Nursery experience.  A successful plant, outdoor living and landscaping authority in Fishers, Muncie and Union City. For over 40 years now they have maintained quality service, beautiful landscaping and extraordinary outdoor living. Wasson Nursery stands on the thrust of building better backyards for families across Indiana.

Running an organization like Wasson Nursery with businesses with several locations is not easy. It has its opportunities and challenges. Those additional locations are symbolic of business growth and a lot of hard work.

Business in several locations can be effective by following these simple guides:

  • Strong Leadership: Hire candidates that are good for your company. These key people and their skills will serve well as you cannot be at all locations all the time. Have a detailed job description so the business can run effectively without you.
  • Establish Standard Operating Procedures. This will enable to put your team on the right track. By this, it means things should be done in the same way, regardless of the location. This will also be good for your customers. It ensures that they can expect the same level of customer service and results regardless of the location.
  • Make communication a priority. Once you have establish a good communication system, make sure to use it. Research shows, businesses with multiple locations spend an average of 17 hours a week repeating and clarifying communication. Eliminate the redundancy. Set up a group email chat or internal website to have employees check consistently. A VoIP system can also help a lot. It eliminates the use and costs of telephone bills.
  • Simplify operations with Technology. Make your life and employees’ life a lot simpler by having the right tools to manage multiple locations. With LEAP Managed IT’s IT Master Plan, they can custom tailor an IT blueprint that can help your business run efficiently.


The partnership between LEAP Managed IT & Wasson Nursery has evolved and changed through the years.  Both companies have seen significant growth and have needed to expand their models.  All this work and planning has paid off and has provided both organizations with a great partnership.  Learn how an IT Master Plan can help your business grown.  Visit

Managed IT Services Indianapolis

Managed IT Services Indianapolis

Everyday, more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon of using Managed IT Services.  As computers and gadgets have dramatically changed so has the access to service.  Today,organizations look at bundling all IT related issued into one package.  This removes the constant break fix calls and all the downtime along with loss of revenue.

Managed IT Services is the higher level of IT management support of today. Take  LEAP Managed IT, for example. They pride on sharing your business goals and visions as partners. This is by making sure that businesses and organizations need not worry about the entire computer system that runs your business.

If your business falls behind in keeping up with things such as backups, updates and security, the odds greatly increase that you’ll face an IT outage or another problem down the road. It will have a negative impact on your business. For example, if your email server, customer relationship management system, financial application or network goes down, you will likely face productivity and revenue losses as a result.

Changing Lanes

Managed IT Services Indianapolis started when companies opted not to choose the break-fix philosophy  and to managed their IT. Computer networks for small to medium sized organizations developed simple systems, usually built by a self-taught network amateur-turned-pro. Maintenance was break-fix only, meaning when something broke, the customer called and the tech came running to fix it … hopefully. Companies were often times held hostage while they waited for a computer expert to arrive at their business ÔÇö often taking days. Which becomes bad for the business. An hour of downtime and waiting for the system to be back up would be costly too.


Getting Managed IT Service has proven to boost business productivity and lessen IT frustrations. It maximizes business capacity freeing you to do what you do best. Instead of stressing about your connection, back up or data loss. Achieve progress and create higher goals with a tailored IT plan for your business. Get support from people who prioritizes you. Rather than waiting on a technician and not even sure if they are arriving. You and your business deserve the best! For more details contact today!

Best IT Support for Business

Finding Balance and Best IT Support

Wasson Up Close

For over 40 years now, Wasson Nursery remains the most trusted name when it comes to nursery and landscape in Indianapolis. This landscape authority is family-owned and operated with locations in Muncie, Fishers and Union City. Wasson Nursery started 1977 when Dan Wasson Sr.  purchased a small nursery. Through dedication and hard work, a one-man operation has grown into a landscape expert. Like LEAP Managed IT which provides the best IT support in the Midwest, Wasson Nursery has great history and humble beginnings. Both adjusting through time and adapting through changes, working towards growing. As the business started to grow, having the best IT Support became a necessity to improve the quality of operations.

Experience plus Expertise

Wassson Nursery services include 2 main areas such as the nursery business and landscape services. With combined experience and expertise, you are sure to get the backyard of your dreams. Offering a wide range of services, which includes modern landscaping design, patio and outdoor living design plus landscape maintenance. Their full-service garden centers carry the finest plants and flowers as well as a wide selection of stone and landscaping supplies.

One Goal, Outstanding Service and Best IT Support

With hard work and dedication, Wasson Nursery has maintained its high quality standard when it comes to landscaping. Continuing its promise to help families across the state, build better backyards. To stay on top of the business and run 3 different locations at one time, they collaborated with LEAP Managed IT to find the Best IT Support.  With the ever-evolving business programs available, Leap as an IT solutions provider has paved the way making business flow easier and avoid downtime. The partnership focuses on maintaining streamlined Best IT Support and solutions for Wasson Nursery. While Wasson Nursery concentrates on giving their clients the best, through excellent artisanship and customer satisfaction, LEAP Managed IT takes care of the IT aspect. Working together to achieve one goal and deliver the best that both can offer.

For more details on how IT Master Plan can work for you and your business and provide the Best IT Support. Visit today and discover how we can grow your business further, as partners.


How an IT Master Plan Can Help End Your Frustrations?

IT Master Plan

Technology plays an enormous role in today’s business world.  Business industries are heavily influenced by it. We also know that technology continues to quickly evolve and expand. Because of this, it is necessary to get a handle on IT issues before they get messy, causing major headaches for business owners. And so, Leap Managed created the IT Master Plan. A systematic process that will help business organizations overcome IT frustrations paving way for business growth.

Moving Forward

The first step is getting to know the organization. Your management team, together with Leap experts will meet for an initial consultation to assess the existing IT blueprint.  Knowing the strengths and weaknesses will give focus on areas for improvement and development. Next is an on-site evaluation, which is led by Leap experts. This includes assessing your network, devices and security in place. Through this step, they will have an idea, which software, hardware or device needs improvement. They will also review your compliance policies and business continuity plan so they will know which direction to go with your business.

Reaching the Goal

Yes, IT can be frustrating. Issues such as inadequate system backup, maintaining hardware or slow network and internet connection can hamper daily operations and sales. Failure to have a properly scheduled system backup in place can turn out costly, it is always best to secure critical company data to avoid disaster. Following assessment, a detailed recommendation will be presented to determine if you are ready to take the Leap. Implementation will depend on your choice with Leaps guidance.

The main goal here is to be able to combine strong and stable technology system with efficient business processes. One that can keep up to the ever changing world of business and technology. With IT Master Plan and Leap experts to guide in every step, you are sure to conquer IT obstacles along the way. These program aims to let business owners and organization leaders appreciate technology, working for them and not against. Take the Leap, today!

IT Consulting Indianapolis

IT Consulting Indianapolis:

IT Consulting Indianapolis firms are a collective group of IT experts providing professional advice to organizations. At this day and age, IT consulting firms  are more adept to the specificity of their clients and the industry where they belong. IT Consulting Indianapolis groups are in demand because of their ability to provide vital information and solutions. Thus, maximizing potential and capacity for business growth.

Industries such as Manufacturing, Medical- Dental Services, Restaurants, Law and Accounting firms along with many more depend on technology to run the business. Full potential is reached when a systematic IT process is in place.

Why Do You Need Them?

Are you looking for an IT Consulting Indianapolis firm? When hiring one, make sure that you are well informed to ensure you are on the right path. It is easy to make a call and hire one but it’s vital to go through a vetting process.  Your IT partner must see the whole picture of your business.  Some companies wait for projects to start crashing and burning. Then they rapidly hire an IT consultant. Thing is, don’t wait till something messy happens. Have your network, devices and security evaluated and assessed. This allows you to focus on running your business.

IT Consulting Indianapolis firms should be able to provide you with information about software solutions focused on improving overall business performance. Not only giving solutions to given problems but preventing future ones.  Consequently, they should provide an IT Master Plan for future growth.

IT Master Plan

LEAP Managed IT  developed an IT Master Plan solution.  A process that is focus on assisting businesses belonging to different industries with technology plan and support. Being a leading IT Consultant Indianapolis, they offer a tailored plan to help uncover IT hindrances depending on your business needs and specifications. The team breaks everything down to assess your companies weaknesses and identify security risks. By giving detailed recommendation on processes including hardware, software including compliance policies for business continuity. For more details on IT Master Plan, visit today!