Business Safety and Cyber Security

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Business Responsibility

Running a business or an organization can be overwhelming. Focus on sales, marketing and services is certainly not enough. It is up to you to protect your business and clients from cyber threats too. Hence, Cyber Security is an important part in keeping your business safe. Maintaining a protected network and data is necessary. A very good example will be one of our partners, PrimeTrust Federal Credit Union. Being a financial institution, client information such as social security numbers and credit or debit card data should be secured at all times.

Cyber Security Practices

The Federal Trade Commission’s blog series entitled Stick with Security guide extracts lessons from data security cases for the last decade. Furthermore, the following can help improve your business and its cyber and data security practices:

* Collect and store only the customer or user information that your business uses. Safely destroy all the information that is no longer needed. Get rid of documents by making it unreadable through available software to wipe off unnecessary data.

* Require employees to choose complicated passwords and do not allow them to use similar passwords for different accounts. A 2-factor authentication can also be required to protect your network from hackers. By this, with a certain number of unsuccessful password login attempts, you will be able to suspend or disable user access.

* Tailor administrative access. If employees do not need to use sensitive information as part of their job, do not give them access.

* Use widely accepted industry-tested methods for securing data.

* Implement strong authentication procedures including password standards, to ensure only authorized individual can access information.

* Avoid leaving items such as paper files, laptops, external hard drives or flash drives with information in an open or easily accessible area. Train staff not to leave information in files, on computers or on devices unprotected, unattended or exposed to public when traveling for work.

* Finally, use tools to monitor activity on your network. Limit third-party access and ensure that computers with remote access have appropriate endpoint security.

Secure Cyber Management

Owning and running a business or organization, in any size can sometimes be frustrating. Aside from thinking of the profit, we have to realize our responsibility, to our employees and customers. Preventing financial loss, disruption of daily activities and keeping your reputation is achievable through secure cyber management. This is where Managed IT Service becomes necessary. For more on cyber security, back up and data security, visit today

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