Cyber Security and Online Shopping

Cyber Security Shopping during the Holiday Season in Fishers, Wetfield and Indianpolis

Cappuccino and Cyber Security

How convenient is it to just browse through your favorite online stores and do your Christmas shopping while sitting down having a cappuccino? But do you know that there are also cyber security risks involved in doing everybody’s favorite online shopping.
Christmas is just days away. To avoid the Christmas shopping rush, long lines and to save more time, people today opt for online shopping to buy Christmas presents. While shopping online is always successful, you also need to take special precautions. Make sure that your credit card data is secure when you submit them. Scammers out there are on the lookout for financial details that they can use.

Cyber security tips to make sure that your online holiday shopping is safe:

ÔÇó Use secure passwords. Most shopping websites require you to create an account before your first purchase. You are ask to enter your personal information such as name, address, phone number and your payment details. The website then asks you to create or enter a password. Make sure to use a unique, secure password and avoid using your initials or birth dates. Choose different passwords for different sites. If someone gets a hold of that password by hacking one company’s servers, they will try to use it on other major shopping sites. Cyber criminals will be able to make purchases under your credit card number.
ÔÇó Avoid shopping using public Wi-Fi networks unless you use a VPN, which encrypts all data from your computer or mobile devices.
ÔÇó Make sure that the shopping site is secure. Remember that you are entering your personal info and credit card details. An easy way to check this in    web browsers is that they have a secure HTTPS connection. Your data is sent between your browser and website you are connected to over a protocol. It also means that all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted.

Make your online Christmas shopping worthwhile without the hassle of experiencing credit card fraud and identity theft. It is always better to be cyber safe than Sorry! Happy Holidays to you all from www.leapmanagedit com

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