The Importance of Data Backup and Recovery

Protect your Data At all Times

Affordable Housing

RealAmerica LLC started as an apartment developer. Through the years they have expanded into several areas in the real estate business across Indianapolis. With more than 20 years of developing and managing properties, they have become an authority in creating neighborhoods. Affordable housing was the root base of this organization. Presently, they offer market rate apartments, self-storage, business offices spaces, retail and mixed-use properties. These are part of RealAmerica’s high quality achievements.

Through time and extensive experience in real estate, the key staff of RealAmerica offers full service property management and compliance monitoring. Through utilizing the tremendous strengths of their highly trained staff, all properties operate to their highest possible potential. A one stop shop for real estate requirements. They offer estate lending, development, design and construction. Most noteworthy is their track record in seeing project through completion. Giving high quality finish product and on point budget.

The Bad and Good Side

In late 2018, one of RealAmerica property  suffered a severe property damage when a fire broke out on Easter Sunday.  A massive amount of contracts, records and important documents were compromised. LEAP Managed IT, being their IT Solutions partner, was able to recover and keep all data safe. Because of the unfortunate accident, RealAmerica had to move out and set up in a new location. LEAP Managed IT was there to make sure that IT system is back on track. Having a well set up and strong IT foundation is an advantage for any firm. Most especially when accidents, such as fire or natural calamity. Loss of data is prevented hence there was no downtime recorded which usually disrupts the flow of business.

Data Back Up and Recovery

In running a firm or organization, each and everyone have his or her own role towards success. The atmosphere is usually busy and grinding. Imagine when all of a sudden, something comes up. Server crashing and workstations are failing unexpectedly. LEAP Managed IT specializes in IT Support above all keeping data safe and recovering them when needed. Data Back up and Recovery can be fragile, therefore let Leap handle this to maximize uptime and your firms potential. For more about Data Back up and Recovery, visit today!


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