Pivot 2020 with David Boudia

David Boudia Joins PIVOT 2020

Leadership and Innovation

David Boudia is one of the biggest names in Diving.  However, even bigger news, he is the keynote speaker at PIVOT 2020! LEAP Managed IT is excited to sponsor PIVOT 2020 Going for Gold. A conference on innovation, technology and desire to help businesses grow. So, mark your calendar;  PIVOT 2020, May 12th at the NCAA Headquarters in Indianapolis.

What is PIVOT?

Pivot Conferences inspire, motivate and bring together business leaders of all industries so that they can use what they learned to grow their own organizations.

Thus the day is packed full with inspiring keynote speakers, discussion panels, networking opportunities and activities. Furthermore, Pivot Indiana creates a community of business leaders who share stories, insights and experiences with other professionals.

Being the keynote speaker, David Boudia will share his journey, trials and tribulations to reach Olympic glory. Every year, LEAP Managed IT invites  speakers who are experts in their industry. Furthermore, they are passionate about their field and provide insights and perspectives that apply to all industries.  PIVOT 2020 brings together Innovation and Inspiration.

Getting to Know David Boudia

It all started with David’s passion for diving. This Olympic Gold Medalist began his diving career at the age of 11 in 2000. At first, he is petrified to jump from the Olympic 10-meter platform but forces himself to overcome his fear. By 2005, he joins the U.S National Diving Team. Shortly thereafter David wins several National Championships. Quickly he began his quest of Olympic glory.  To help focus on diving, at 10th glad David begins home school.  Subsequently, he focuses on the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Thus, from 2006 to 2008 David and his diving partner medaled in 14 major international competitions. In other words, competing in the Olympics and becoming a winner became David’s drive.

Because of his unwavering commitment to excellence, David Boudia is a leader is diving.  His journey has hardship, obstacles and lots of turbulence.  Yet, he openly shares his highs and lows and gives us inspiration to continue moving forward.  Most importantly, David Boudia shares his insights on needing to pivot and constantly evolve to keep himself relevant.

Finally, David will share the makings of an Olympian and maybe let us hold the Olympic Gold Medal!

Join Us on PIVOT 2020

Save the date and join us on May 12, 2020  at the NCAA Headquarters in Indianapolis to learn more about David Boudia’s journey.  PIVOT 2020 is packed with innovation, networking and being inspired to Go for Gold in 2020! Let’s all leap forward and grow together with Pivot 2020. For more details on this exciting event, visit us at leapmanagedit.com today!




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