How Covid-19 has Changed the Way we Run our Business

Covid-19 has changed the way businesses are running in Indianapolis and Beyond

Minimizing the Spread

The rise on the number of people infected by the Covid-19 virus all over the world is alarming. The death toll is raising and people are starting to panic. Therefore, the World Health Organization have issued guidelines on how we can protect ourselves and contain the spread of the virus. At the moment, several countries are placed under community quarantine or lock down to avoid visitors and tourists from coming in and out. By this method, it will easier to track the virus. Because of these changes over the past weeks, organizations and businesses are urged to look into working remotely.

A number of employees still need to go to offices as a skeletal force. This is mostly dependent on which industry they belong to.  It is important to follow the proper safety guideline to ensure safety and protection.

Let’s stop spreading the Covid-19 virus at work by:

  • Perform routine cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace such as counter tops, desks and workstations. Similarly, disinfect doorknobs, switches and everything that comes in contact with hands.
  • Provide alcohol frequent hand sanitation.
  • Provide disposable wipes to use for wiping keyboards, remote controls and desk after each use.
  • Encourage sick employees to stay home. For those who shows sign of fever, respiratory illnesses or have a weaker immune system, it is better to stay home and do a self quarantine. If fever and cough persists, it is good to consult a doctor.
  • Avoid travelling most especially in high risks place.
  • When meeting with clients, avoid hand shaking.
  • Practice social distancing. Avoid crowded places, mass gatherings and the likes.
  • If possible, arrange for employees to work remotely. Ever since the sudden surge of cases of Covid-19, various companies have implemented “work from home” strategies. This is one way to stop the virus from spreading.

Work Remotely by Leap

In this connection, LEAP Managed IT  is showing support for personnel working remotely. Furthermore, if you have questions about how to operate your organization remotely please contact They are here to help you set up remotely. They offer several options including remote access licenses to ensure business continuity these challenging times. Leap will set up your organization to be able to operate remotely including all key systems and communication processes for a smooth transition.

In addition, several factors should be taken in consideration like having a secure wi-fi connection and having a back up strategy in place when working from home. For more details on business continuity, your partners from LEAP Managed IT is ready to give solutions regardless of the problem at hand. Visit today!



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