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IT Management guide for Non IT Managers in Indianapolis

IT  Management

Are you sure that your employees share the same thoughts and goals with you regarding IT Management? Does  your company take online safety seriously? In January,  Mike Stults of LEAP Managed IT discussed IT Management for Non IT Managers. This webinar proved helpful most especially for non IT employees. An eye-opener that most of us can make a difference in securing company data, finances and reputation. Not paying attention and taking precautions in digital world has proven to be bad for business.

Thus, avoid data Breach, Ransomware, cyber-attacks by being one-step ahead. By being knowledgeable and understanding the risks. Having a backup for all important data, standards and procedures to follow in case of unfortunate events, such as fire, flood and other natural calamity is necessary. IT Management ensures that IT resources and employees utilize technology in a proper manner.

Here are some important points discussed:

The lack of IT oversight can have Major Consequences such as:

  • Lost productivity- when major issues occur and can’t be fix it right away, what happens? Others have issues such as slow connection, neglect in updating hardware, computers are crawling. All these hamper productivity and affects the flow of business.
  • No ability to perform key business functions- when disaster happens, do you have a plan in place to keep all-important data secure?
  • Lost of data and funds can be bad for the reputation of your business. Hence, always follow standards and procedures especially in a bad situations to control loss.

Also, Mike talked about the poor workplace culture with regards to IT Train and discuss with employees the importance of cyber security. Do not wait for something bad to happen before taking action. Have open communication with your IT Manager. Remember that you are all a part of the business success, as well as the failures.

For more about the topic IT Management for Non IT Managers, register and watch the full webinar on demand at Leap Managed I.T.  Learn more about the importance of having an up to date IT infrastructure and more.

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