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Best Practice

The progressive world today is generally run by technology. Everything we do has a connection with it. The impact of computer generation to our daily lives has become unparalleled. From household gadgets to the most reliable smart phones that almost never leave our hand or sight. This is also true with how businesses and organizations run today. Technology has played a vital part from documentation, printing, marketing, promotion and production. It is a must to take note of IT Best Practice to ensure that it is working properly for you and your business rather than against you.

Big or Small

Small businesses today has leveled up as technology has revolutionized the way companies conducts business. There is no such thing as “big or small” in businesses and organizations today, as they are able to use a line up to tech to develop competitive advantages in the economic market place. Like in the case of promotion. Whatever big companies can do, small businesses can do too without having to spend so much money. By using social media and online marketing programs.

With the endless possibilities and opportunities, that technology can do for us, we, as users need IT Best Practice to stay safe. We need to be one-step ahead of cyber criminals who are just waiting for us to make mistakes. Waiting for some weakness to open, where they can steal information or data that they can use to extort. Leadership, good marketing and great IT management are some of the factors to make your business prosper.

Keep in Mind

  • Educate your staff about Cyber Security. Even if you have the best security software, if your staff does not know the basics. It might all go to waste. Train them about the potential risks that can seriously damage your business.
  • Secure Wi-Fi Network. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is encrypted. Moreover, try to change your password regularly. If you are out of the office and need to access your email, use your data instead. You can also turn on your VPN in case you need to use the public Wi-Fi for additional precaution.
  • One of the best way to protect your website and data is by regular back up. Securely store all important files and data. Once a cyber attack happens, you can easily recover them making it less damaging.
  • Keep your software up-to-date. Outdated software increase the chance of becoming a target for cyber criminals. Security software programs and the programs installed in your computer can be a way for hackers to easily infiltrate  when you don’t update them as needed.
  • Use Strong Passwords. Combine upper and lower case letters and numbers plus a special symbol to make it hard to crack.

These are the things we tend to take for granted. But these simple reminders will help you and your business stay protected online. For more on IT Best Practice, Managed IT Services, IT Support, visit today!




Patrycja Thomas

Author: Patrycja Thomas

Fortune 500 sales and marketing veteran dedicated to helping small businesses change the world with technology.