IT Master Plan: Initial Consultation, Step 1

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Everything is running smoothly in your workplace and all of a sudden, it’s not. Yes, it’s impossible, one may say, but it can happen.  As technology continues to evolve and change at faster rates, we must be able to keep up.  For same reason LEAP Managed IT developed the  IT Master Plan. A 4 step plan designed to eliminate IT frustrations, business leaders and owners can now focus on growing the business.

Is your network fast and safe? Is it secure? Do you have a backup plan and recovery for significant data? Are your workstations failing unexpectedly?  With LEAP Managed IT’s IT Master Plan, there is always a way to make technology work better for you.

The process is simple but requires some commitment on your part and a little bit of time. LEAP Managed IT’s IT Master Plan has 4 stages. It ensures and creates a strong foundation and partnership.

The 1st step  is the Initial Consultation

  • The LEAP Managed IT Team will schedule an appointment to sit down with you and any other critical leaders. This is a “getting to know you” part. The team will learn about your organization and suggest how IT can improve your business flow. It will be an open forum and it is important to be honest. Exchanging of ideas will also be encouraged to be able to achieve the goal furthermore prepared to answer any inquiries you may have.
  • The team will learn about your IT struggles and frustrations. This way they will be able to create an IT program that suits your organization. Focusing on making tasks easier, done in timely manner, cost efficiently and safely.
  • The most important part on this step is learning about where you want to go with your business. Where you want to see it in the coming years?

Look forward to the Next Step

Don’t let IT frustrations and struggles hamper business growth. Let LEAP Managed IT shape technology around your business needs. The next step of IT Master Plan will be discussed in the next blog. For more details, visit



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