LEAP Makes a Move, Help Desk Grows

Help Desk Grows, Change Needed

We are excited to share our news. LEAP is on the move.  Our Muncie office has relocated to help continue providing superior service and support to our clients. Our Fishers and Indianapolis locations remain the same.

We want to share our highlights:


  • Our new offices feature a dedicated and expanded Help Desk facility. Our Help Desk team is happy to have added space and room for additional support team.


  • The Managed Print Team has a high functioning Collaboration Center that services equipment.


  • While, not to be left out, is our delivery and dispatch team. They too gained space and technology innovation to help assist our clients.


  • Most visible is the Customer Support Specialist, have expanded their domain and are thrilled to be in the heart of the building. Thus, allowing them to easily communicate client needs with the respective teams. Because taking care of our clients is what they do best!


  • On the internal side, every department is excited about the Team Lounge. A comfortable and relaxing area to take a break, eat lunch, watch a little TV or play a quick XBOX game.  Most importantly, it houses a new coffee bar and highly requested snacks.


When looking at our space we also considered our client needs. How can our space help our partners? The solution is simple. Still, under renovation, is our Conference space.  Areas that our clients can use as a benefit for being our partners.  As a result, once completed, we will have small meeting rooms, a boardroom and a gathering space.

Lastly, we think of our office as an evolving Center of Excellence. Providing not only superior service to our clients, also making cognizant choices to continue fulfilling our organizational Best Practices. This includes our initiative of being the Best Place to Work.

Finally, as construction finishes keep checking our blog area for a behind the scenes move details.  Certainly we will share quick tips on what went well and “if we had to do it over again, little hiccups”. Especially insights form our Help Desk Crew!  LEAPmanagedit.com

Patrycja Thomas

Author: Patrycja Thomas

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