Liz Ludwick – Nominee for Office Champion

office-championLiz Ludwick exemplifies the term “Office Champion” for Muncie Power, but more importantly her work spirit could be the model for other organizations’ office champions to emulate. Liz is the most organized, helpful, and truly caring employee any organization could dream of employing – and we have her working with us every day! She helps make everyone’s jobs easier, even at the expense of making her job harder, and that is a truly caring spirit and one that Liz does without even thinking about it. Liz is involved in the community through the Downtown Development Council where she helps plan and promote Muncie Downtown events and activities. She is a tireless worker on behalf of our community initiatives and always brings a smile and positive attitude to anything she does. A recent example of her community support was as an active participant in the “Flash Mob” for end of summer activities at Canon Commons – talk about combining community support and fun, that did it!.

Simply stated, our community is a better place and Muncie Power is a better company because of Liz Ludwick! Visit Muncie Power’s website or Facebook page to learn more!

Patrycja Thomas

Author: Patrycja Thomas

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