Indianapolis Tech Leader provides Tips for Transitioning Back to the Office

Transitioning Back to the Office with LEAP Managed IT
Tips for Transitioning Back to the Office by Indianapolis Technology Leader LEAP Managed IT 

Many companies have been functioning fully remote or almost fully remote for the past few months due to the pandemic and the concern for the safety of employees, customers, and clients. Some offices have begun Transitioning Back to the Office while others are still hesitant to do so. When the time comes, what should you do to help your team and those around your team stay safe and feel comfortable? Here are some Ridiculously Helpful tips you can consider when you decide it is best to start Transitioning Back to the Office.  

1. Use an alternate office day system

Allow your employees to work in the office with proper social distancing by adopting a hybrid work environment where 50% of employees work in the office one day, while the other 50% of employees work remote. Alternate this schedule every other day and clean/sanitize the office every night in between to prevent the spread of germs.  

2. Scatter people before they come in 

Some people are going to be eager to get back into the office, while others may be very nervous. Make sure you are considerate of those who may feel uncomfortable about going back into the office. Have a plan on where people will sit and how they will get around the office while maintaining the proper social distance before they arrive.

3. Scatter work schedules 

Have employees work slightly different hours to decrease the number of people within the office throughout the day. For example, have some people work 6:30 to 3:30, another group work from 7:30 to 4:30, another group work from 8:30-5:30 and a final group from 9:30-6:30.  

4. Establish an on-going policy 

Protect individuals while they work by establishing an on-going policy on how your team will move forward as the pandemic continues. As time passes, it may be easy for employees to want to work as normal, but it is important to keep a social distance policy to protect team members, customers and the community until there is no longer a threat.  

 5.Close off desks 

When employees are back in their usual environment, it can be easy for them to  

6. Equip the office for proper sanitation 

Make sure hand sanitizer, gloves, masks etc. are readily available for your employees to use throughout the day and sanitize public areas such as bathrooms and kitchens throughout the day. 

7. Keep doors within the office open when possible and sanitize door handles often 

Door handles are one of the biggest places germs can be spread. If the door can remain open, keep it open to avoid employees touching the same door handle. If the door must remain open, keep cleaning supplies and/or hand sanitizer next to each door handle and have your employees sanitize thoughout the day.  

 8. Be mindful of people’s mental health 

Employees have been working from home for a while now and it has become a new habit. Ease people back into the office and be mindful of their mental health as the transition back to what was once ‘normal.’ 

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