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The cyber security world is never dull. Data breach and cyber crime may happen regardless of organization size, management and location.  To help carry out business plans and long term strategies, partners from our Indianapolis Cyber Security center are here to share insights on factors to consider in technology planning.  To maximize over all performance and grow in the ever changing world of business, staying updated on the latest in technology is an edge.

Expert Indianapolis Cyber Security

A dependable IT partner can thoroughly analyze your IT systems, hardware, framework and general operations. They can create a road map that can turn your operations from good to great. Tech Support can also advance your operations. They will provide up to date technology that will escalate productivity and eliminate downtime. Render assistance in keeping personnel aware of the newest phishing schemes and security breaches and how to address them.

IT Security

Our friends at Network Access can assist you in delivering the next generation of data security before a breach happens.  One way to prevent harmful intruders is through penetration testing.  Expert companies such as Network Access are trained in helping test your IT environment. They’ll design an evolving solution to help protect your infrastructure.

Off-site backup

Off-site backup: What would happen to your organization if your staff could not access your data? The most valuable asset stored on your computer is the data your company generates everyday. It is important to have it backed up regularly and stored in a safe location. Long gone are days of backing up to tapes and keeping them locked in your desk. Your information needs to be protected and easily accessed by you and your customers. has solutions for businesses facing these challenges.  They offer customized solutions based on size and need.

When managing your IT seems overwhelming, visit for a free 3 Minute Guide to Stronger IT.  It will provide you with a starting point for having a conversation with your provider along with a quick list of do’s when it comes to IT.

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Indianapolis Tech Support: Netflix Themed Phishing Attack

In this Indianapolis Tech Support Update we’ll delve into the latest phishing attack and the risk it poses to Indiana businesses.  Since nearly 50 million households in the U.S. subscribe to Netflix, the Indianapolis Tech Support Update calculates that the attack has the potential to impact over one million Hoosiers.  The Grand Rapids, Michigan Police Department recently uncovered this Netflix phishing attack which tricks recipients into thinking their accounts have been deactivated or suspended.  Individuals who click on the email are at risk of having their personal information stolen along with compromising their computer and network.

Indianapolis Tech Support
Indianapolis Tech Support Update

How your employee’s penchant for ‘Friends’ can impact your business

The confluence of work and personal communications is hard for a company to avoid.  Face it, employees are busy and need constant access to important updates of happenings outside of their work life.  Receiving continual updates bombard their inbox:

  • soccer practice update from Team Snap
  • birthday reminder for that almost forgotten high school buddy compliments of Facebook
  • a heads up from Netflix that season 4 of ‘Friends’ is about to be removed from the line-up

Besides a productivity drain this can’t cause a big issue for a company, right?  Remember the people behind the phishing attacks like the Netflix example are not selective.  They will gladly steal your employee’s identify and if performed on a computer attached to your network, they will be more than happy to try to compromise your technology.  A hacker just needs a way in and this phishing attack might open the front door they need.

Must Do’s from the Indianapolis Tech Support Center

We can’t stress enough that nothing will make your network 100% safe from attack.  You can with some simple steps, significantly reduce your risk.  Here’s what the cyber-security experts at our Indianapolis Tech Support center recommend:

  1. Develop a clear policy for how company owned devices can be used – Can employees use company computers &  email for personal use?  If so, what are the guide posts?
  2. Deploy Multi Layered Protection – Firewall and antivirus are not enough.  If your company is not deploying true multi layered protection you are at risk and trying to fend off sophisticated attackers with 10 year old technology.
  3. Train and Test – Don’t assume your employees know what to click on.  Train them and then test them on a monthly basis.  We conduct regular testing for our clients and see nearly 50% of all employees fail on initial testing.  It takes practice to get good!

How to stay ahead

This Netflix phishing attack is just the latest in what will be many more attempts to get your company’s data.  The technology the bad guys are using is changing fast and companies have to keep up to stay protected.  Leading Indiana companies know that outsourcing IT support is one of the best investments for keeping an organization safe.

Reach out the Leap Managed IT Indianapolis Tech Support team to get more information.


Municipal Cyberdefense: What Indiana City & Town Officials Need to Know about IT Security

Municipal cyberdefense programs aren’t really a topic you can read about on a daily basis. Mostly because of funding – or the lack of it. Naturally, it’s a huge problem that people and city officials need to take more seriously.

Municipality IT incorporates everything from police records to local authority IT systems. As you can imagine, a lot of sensible data is stored by these entities. With no or very little IT security in place, that data is highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Recent cybersecurity breaches have put this issue in the spotlight, thus capturing the attention of local government agencies. If you’re a city official, the following lines will provide some important aspects about municipal cyberdefense you need to know.

Cybersecurity Awareness Programs for Employees

municipal cyberdefense

It seems that one of the biggest threats to personal data is an untrained employee. Naturally, you can imagine that hackers always search for the weakest link before attacking.

And one of the most common breaches occurs when untrained employees click on spam email or phishing website that injects a Trojan in their system. A Trojan is a virus that may lie dormant for long periods of time and be activated by a malicious person or other triggers.

The solution is simple: trained employees. Local authorities can achieve this through cybersecurity awareness programs providing end-user IT security education.

Municipal Cyberdefense Audits and Managed Security

An IT security audit involves hiring a team of white-hat hackers. They will try to breach the system and report back with what they find. It is one of the best methods available to find out what municipal cyberdefense vulnerabilities certain local authorities have.

Granted, there is a risk a biannual audit might not be enough. Additionally, some authorities may not have the budget.

So another successful method of protecting public data involves hiring a managed security team. This means having IT security professionals operating 24/7 from a remote center.

LEAP Managed IT can provide such services to local authorities. Working with us gets you security policies and properly designed configurations. Also, you get implemented security and user policies to ensure your network is secured from the inside out. Contact us to find out more.

Local Authorities Should Consider Managed IT Services in the Cloud

municipal cyberdefense

Moving operations and storage to the cloud has countless extra benefits. Granted, it might be easier for a business than a local authority, but it’s not impossible.

Probably the most compelling argument for local authorities’ cloud-hosted IT systems is the cost. You only pay a monthly fee for the computing power needed. If you need more, you can always ask and the cost will only go up by a small amount.

Also, cloud computing is much more secure than local IT systems. This happens because managed IT services use specialized data centers that have on-site 24/7 human security.

Last but not least, local authorities also get access to professional and efficient support. This turns IT security from a stressful operation into the provider’s problem.

At LEAP Managed IT, we take a keen interest in providing the latest technological innovation to our clients. Our goal is to make technology work for you, not against you. Working with us gets you a proactive, can-do attitude.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to know more about the municipal cyberdefense services we offer.