4 Reasons why Outsourcing Your IT Services Needs Is a Growth Hack

Many business owners get a false sense of security from having on-premise servers and an IT team. Does it happen because they can physically touch the hardware and overview the IT services? Does it happen because they feel more in control?

But the most important thing you need to ask yourself is if it’s really a good-for-business decision? Does it help your company grow?

Those are the questions this article will answer. In the following lines, you’ll find four reasons to outsource your IT service needs.

#1 Outsourcing Helps Your Business Save Money

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Even the big corporations have understood this advantage and have acted accordingly. Many enterprises took the road of IT outsourcing and many have profited off of it.

But it is efficient for small businesses as well. Outsourcing your company’s IT needs lets you cut down costs by paying just for what you use.

Additionally, once you decide to outsource, you’ll no longer need an entire team of engineers on premise. The management can be done either by the provider, or by a single employee.

The money you save can then be invested in other departments.

#2 Outsourcing Your IT Services Needs Gets You Professional Services

Small businesses can’t hire just one person to take care of all IT aspects. Even if you find someone who knows LAN infrastructure, server setup and management, security and so forth you’d have to offer a huge salary and the employee might feel overwhelmed.

Outsourcing your IT services needs to a professional provider gets you access to experts in all the fields required. You no longer need to worry about getting the wrong solution for your problem – be it hardware or software.

We can’t stress enough the benefit of having IT security experts working for you…

#3 No Need to Worry about Hardware Updates Anymore

If your business has owned or still owns hardware solutions on premise, you may feel more in control. You can touch it, see it; it’s there. You may also know how expensive technical issues can sometimes turn out to be. Any faulty piece of equipment costs way more than a regular PC.

On the other hand, new and faster technologies come to market faster than your budget can recover.

However, outsourcing your IT services needs also means the worries mentioned above will no longer be your worries, but the provider’s. You’ll also get access to the latest tech innovations, as the provider needs to stay up to date from a hardware point of view as well.

#4 Your Data Will Be Safer from Cyber Attacks

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IT security is one of the trendiest topics nowadays. It happens for a reason: company and client data are valuable and there are malicious users looking to exploit it.

While your company would still need to secure its end – training employees and so forth – outsourcing your IT services needs gets you access to security experts. These are people who breathe IT security on a daily basis.

They have faced different attacks and know what may be the most vulnerable points in your IT infrastructure. It also means they can come up with a viable solution and implement it with ease.

Over to You

The four reasons presented above are the most important ones why more and more businesses choose to outsource. Once everything is in place, they get another added benefit: they can stay focused on their core business.

LEAP Managed IT can be the outsourcing partner you’re looking for. We’re a team of experts dedicated to making technology work for your business, not against it.

If you’d like to learn more, go ahead and get in touch with us online.