Indianapolis Phone Systems Primer, Webinar May 26th

Undoubtedly, level365 is the leading Indianapolis Phone Systems expert in communication. Phone Systems make your customers experience simple, easy and most importantly seamless.   Thus, we have asked them to partner with us for an interactive webinar on May 26th.

While the communication discussion seems complicated, level365’s expert Nathan McCord helps break it down.  Therefore, making the discussion easy to follow and interactive. Additionally, LEAP Managed IT’s COO, Michael Thomas will provide examples and insights on system integrations. Learn about how unified communication helps other businesses.  Hear real examples of how the services help other Indianapolis business leaders and business industries benefit from innovative phone technology in their day to day experience.

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In addition to and interactive discussion will cover the following hot topics below:

  • Understanding Unified Communication and Phone Systems
  • How can Indianapolis Phone Systems providers help my business?
  • Examples of integration
  • What is the initial cost? Long term commitment?
  • What support can I expect?
  • Finally, ask questions! The Indianapolis Phone Systems experts are here to help.

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VoIP Basics

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol, aka VoIP is the best alternative for communication instead of using your local phone company.  This phone system works by using your Local Area Network (LAN) .

The distinct advantage is the capability for use across multiple internet-connected devices. In its most basic level, it is the process of turning analog audio signal into digital “packets”. This signal is delivered over the internet.

Simply, it lets you to make a phone call or video call the same way as you send an email.

Advantages of VoIP

Cost saving is the most appealing benefits of using using VoIP for businesses.  It is less expensive versus the traditional phone line.

Consequently, this is due to using one single network to carry both voice and data. Most users have existing network capacity and can use this phone system without any additional costs. Hence, in some cases, users see phone calls, including International calls as free. Skype is one good example.

Similarly, another advantage is its mobility. Because it operates using internet, you will be able to call and receive calls as long as you are connected. Thus, making business easy and simple.

How to get Started

Finally, consult your IT provider about having VoIP as a priority for your IT Master Plan. With perks and features that business owners can take advantage of, VoIP cannot be taken for granted. Because most businesses have several locations, easy communication between locations is a must. VoIP makes it easy to connect multiple points with a single click.  Hence, it has become a business standard all over the world.

Currently, there are a number of providers available today. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Let LEAP Managed IT assist you by assessing what type of business communication solution you need. As partners, we can save time and energy by tailoring a plan for you from VoIP providers in Indianapolis. Contact us today.



Explore Dental Software and Dental IT Support

Indianapolis Dental Software and Dental IT Support Leap

Managing your Indianapolis dental practice with  expert Dental Software and Dental IT Support is not an easy task. Understanding dental software options is even more difficult.  It involves a complex system to make it run smoothly on a daily basis.

You now have the necessary software to help your practice function efficiently. Therefore you and your staff have begun the journey of learning what your software has to offer.  While you may be in camp two, you have not made the technology leap. Both sides need not to worry. We will look at a few tips and get expert advise from Dental IT Support leaders. Along with ideas on how to find the best dental tech support. Dental practice software has many features, your dental IT support team should help find the right fit for your practice. Here are some specifics you should look out for.

The most important will include the Scheduling of Patients, Charting, Treatment Planning and Integrated Digital Imaging. Because, not only do these features help your practice run efficiently. Hence they help your patients receive a higher level of customer service and stand out from your competition.

Take the Indianapolis Dental Practice Market, it has a wide range of providers.  Some are small independent Indianapolis dental practices that have one dentist, maybe two hygienists and an office assistant.  This practice logs all charts with pen and paper and does okay financially.

Another practice has two dentists, 4-5 hygienists and a three-person cross-trained office staff.  The second practice has an automated appointment reminder system along with text and email confirmation.  They track cancellations or rescheduling issues days prior to the appointment. Others wait for the traditional call that the first office would make one day prior to the appointment.  Consequently, this practice is more proactive and profitable all due to technology.

Let’s explore some of the dental software options available today

Online appointments and Communications Manager, such as Dentrix Patient Engagement solutions, offers great convenience.  It allows patients to schedule appointments online. It automatically sends dental appointment reminders and through email and text messages. Confirmed appointments then automatically appears in the appointment book. Making it a breeze to manage your patients’ day to day.

Digital Treatment Planning eliminates digging through file cabinets with thousands of dental health records, histories and treatment plans. Through this software, patients can readily visualize treatments and dental plans. With Patterson Eaglesoft Treatment Planning Software, you can also easily explain the potential financial impact of a treatment with insurance estimates and images to go along.

The Seamless Integration of Digital Imaging from Patterson Eaglesoft provides the most complete dental digital package available today. From video images to digital x-rays, giving you the ability to acquire and store all image types in one patient record, making it more organized, efficient and accessible.

Taking Full Control

The possibilities in dental technology and software are endless. The future of dentistry is here and it is now. To be able to stay on top of your dental practice, it is time to adapt to the changes.

Learn more on how to maximize and take full control of your practice through the latest technology. To know more, visit We have developed a 3-Minute Guide to A Stronger Dental Practice to determine identify strengths and vulnerabilities in your dental IT Solutions.

We also provide dental IT and dental tech support in the greater Indianapolis area including Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Westfiled and Greenwood.


IT Security Trends: What 2017 Could Bring

We’ve seen massive technology innovations in 2016. We’ve also seen massive cyber-attacks that even blacked out a part of the Internet. With 2016 almost over, we need to look at 2017 and the IT security trends that may become a reality.

Many experts believe security is the field that will require the most work. Especially since more and more devices – and types of devices – get connected to the Internet. That could mean more backdoors for malicious behaviors.

It may sound a bit alarming, but the risk is real.

Nevertheless, here are the IT security trends that will most likely shape 2017 and the entire industry.

Manufacturers Will Put More Work Towards IoT Cybersecurity

it security trends

As previously mentioned, more and more devices connect to the Internet. While some of them may have implemented some security in their system, others don’t. Thus, the Internet of Things (IoT) can be considered unsecured.

Take a thermostat or a drone as an example. You can imagine that those are not-so-secure devices. Additionally, the hack of a smart home through a thermostat has received a hint in the popular TV series “Mr. Robot”.

Manufacturers already noticed the issue and some of them are starting to develop solid strategies to up their security. With more end points, everything will need to be more secure.

Cyber Attacks Might Be Used By Nations

Some people believe that Stuxnet is a jointly built American-Israeli cyberweapon. However, some voices say that the malicious worm was developed many years ago to sabotage Iran’s nuclear weapons. Of course, there is no evidence pointing in any direction – true or false.

Nevertheless, the idea that cyber-attacks may be carried by nations is alarming. There is also a chance that may happen.

However, no matter how alarming or Sci-Fi that may sound, it is one of the most distressing IT security trends for 2017 – as the attack might be considered an act of war.

Many hope 2017 will address this possible threat. One way of doing so would involve countries working together to come up with a new cyber-defense strategy.

IT Security Trends for Home and Businesses Alike: Different Types of Authentication

it security trends

The entire concept of passwords reuse is expected to take center stage in 2017. It will generate awareness towards increased security.

Far too many people continuously re-use the same password for different accounts. This means that once someone hacks one account’s password, it might gain access to everything. And this is a huge issue if the same password is used to secure sensible corporate data.

It is expected that 2017 will bring a change and different types of security or a big increase in adoption of two-step authentication.

Compliance Concerns Will Drive Growth

More and more companies will check for software that is in compliance. It will have a huge impact on old software and will influence especially the banking sector.

Outdated hardware and software accessing banking accounts will no longer be tolerated. This can spark growth and investments towards new and improved hardware. Automatically, this would mean safer and more secure software products.

Additionally, let’s not forget the adaptive security idea that we’ve mentioned in a previous post. We’re looking forward to it in 2017.

At LEAP Managed IT, our goal is to make technology work for you. We achieve this through excellent managed IT services ranging from cloud solutions to desktop support.

Working with us gets you access to a unique set of skills, determination and the latest innovation in IT security.

If you’d like to learn more or you feel like your business should better secure its data, feel free to get in touch with us.