2019 Mike’s Favorite Things: Tech Gifts Edition

LEAP's Tech GIfts for Christmas

Tech Gifts 2019

It’s another fun and tech gift giving day at Leap Managed I.T!Back by popular demand,  Mike Stults appeared on Facebook Live with his annual list of Mike’s Favorite Things; Tech Gifts Edition.  Thanks to all those who joined in and participated.

Mike’s List

Mike started his Tech Gifts with a must have item, a Handy Battery Backup which has a capability to give 3 full charges for Iphone. One thing that is cool about this easy to use and compact charger is it’s  wireless.

Next is a Smart Plug/ Smart Bulb, Smart Room starter pack that works with Alexa and Google Systems. This gadget comes in handy so turning lights on and off can be programmed, even if you are out of the house.

Completing Mike’s high tech item is a Rocket Book. It is used with a friction pilot pen that you can easily scan your notes and email and share them.

As fun as he is, Mike also has cool items for kids and those young at heart. One of the best gifts to give are Legos! Mike shared a Star Wars Yoda’s Hut edition. This toy is a perfect for a child of any age.

Next is the Carcassonne Board Game, a tile-based German-style board game for two to five players. It is named after the medieval fortified town of Carcassonne in southern France, famed for its city walls. Enjoy the holidays with your family playing and challenging each other.

Finally, who would not agree that books are perfect gifts? Sharing with you a book for your curious school age children, How to be Good at Science, Technology and Engineering. It is for little scientists to understand science in seconds. Another perfect book that children love is Wonky Donkey. Make bedtime stories fun and exciting with Wonky Donkey.

LEAP’s President Chimes In

Gary Thomas, LEAP’s President tried to compete with Mike’s list by bringing his own Tech Gifts to the table.  Gary added to the festivities by wearing his festive llama sweater, Christmas scarf and headgear.  Needless to say, his outfit won the comments of the day on FB!

All kidding aside, Gary brought his  best Tech Gifts forward. To start, he brought a  Kitty Cat USB  Hand Warmer Mouse Pad. This mouse pad has 3 gears temperature that is adjustable to keep hands warm in winter.

While Mike shared high tech gift ideas, Gary’s next item is a sure winner, “Office Space” inspired Red Stapler.” I don’t think that there is a need for me to explain how this works!” says Gary.

Next is an Electronic Football game. Feel nostalgic and feel the sensation you remember from the 70’s with improved sound effects.

Lastly, Gary surprised the audience by giving away PRIVATE MOVIE PREMIERE PASSES to LEAP’s Customer Appreciation Event; Star Wars Rise of Skywalker on December 21.

All- Time Favorite Tech Gifts

In case you missed it: DON’T WORRY, you can catch it on LEAP’s Facebook page and join in the fun.  Hope your Holiday Season is off to a great start and we hope you find our list Ridiculously Helpful!

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