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We spend a lot of time listening to our partners and developing ways to help them work smarter.  Several key memes have risen to the top this year during our technology reviews.  We thought you would enjoy seeing what hot buttons your peers are focused on this year.  As always, please let us know if you have any questions.   

  1. Network Investment –Since more companies are headed to the cloud not enough thought has been giving to the small business network. The growing demand for data, cloud, mobile solutions and video will force the need for reliable, secure and stable networks. Outdated wiring, consumer grade hardware like switches can cause huge issues for increased network traffic.
  2. Security for the SMB –You wouldn’t leave your car unlocked, keys in the ignition, wallet on the dash and doors wide open then walk into a store for a few hours. Developing a security plan and incorporating next generation technology is critical for minimizing risk of outside threats for your network.
  3. It’s Not If, But When –It’s not if your kid falls of the bike, it’s when. Having that same mindset to backing up data on servers and workstations is a must. Developing a disaster recovering plan for addressing data loss before it happens is critical for sustainability. Without advanced BDR technology, the average server rebuild takes 7-21 days.
  4. Mobility & BOYD –Bring Your Own Device and mobility are growing concerns for security, data compliance and end-user issues. Most companies lack protocols when devices with company data are lost/stolen or when an employee leaves the organization.
  5. Process is Key –Overhead is expensive so improving processes to leverage knowledge and technology is the next big cost savings. Using tools like www.flowmingo.comto assign jobs and create automated checklists is a simple way to be consistent and deliver success.  Need to get two apps to work together?  Try


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