Technology in the Office & Office Culture

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Technology in the Office and Change in Work Culture

Functionality and the available technology are a few of the factors that affect employee’s productivity in the office. Is your office equipped with the right technology? The basics like having a proper lighting, comfortable temperature control, adjustable and Eco-friendly chairs that fit the height of the desks can actually work to increase employee’s performance. These basics are often taken for granted, but you will see the benefits over the long haul. It’s the same when you invest in good communication tools, copiers & printers along with updated computers and software. Technology together with functionality in the work place will go a long way. So how does technology affect office work?

Important points when auditing the tech in your office:

  1. List down all the technology available in your office. This will enable you to determine what needs updating, changing or is totally obsolete. You will find equipment you did not know you had!. You will also realize what the office needs and what is not necessary to have.
  2. Does your workplace have known issues that can be solved by technology? Like for example your Wi-Fi? Is it reliable, efficient and fast? Or does it frustrate your team?
  3. Are your current technology cost-effective? Do they perform, as they should? Or does it often have a downtime, which affects the flow of business for the day? A classic example would be your copier and printing system.
  4. Are there lessons to learn from your past technology implementations?

Once you have a better understanding on what you and your employees are working with, you will have an idea and able to pinpoint what technology will fit to make everything feasible.

Improved Technology in Office

New gadgets, devices and apps for workplaces are very popular.   These updates in technology has changed the way businesses run their day to day operations. There is no doubt that technology has improved today’s working conditions. Because of these changes in the past years, employees are more inclined to becoming more and more productive.

The speed and efficiency of completing a task have become normal. Like in the areas of manufacturing and in communication. What used to take up hours to complete can now be done within minutes. Sending messages and correspondence can be sent through instant messaging across the world. Plans, payments and proposals can be transferred immediately through email, online banking all in a secure manner. Online communication tools has made team coordination easier. Collaboration has also become simpler, some can work remotely. Even if colleagues are not in the same office, goal and tasks can still be completed.

Improve and Update with Leap!

Programs and projects can easily be completed when you have the right technology in place. There is also a realization that the world has become smaller and easier because of these advancements. The team at LEAP Managed IT can assist you, whether you are looking into improving and upgrading your technology or looking into overhauling the technology that your business depends on.  They are dependable and ready to assist anytime. Just contact their help line at today!


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