The 6 Thought Leaders You Get to Meet at PIVOT 2016

The strength of a conference lies in its speakers, and PIVOT 2016 is no different. Indiana has no shortage of intelligent and experienced professionals with innovative ideas, and you have the chance to meet the best.

Here are the thought leaders who will speak at the event:

1.  Dr. Michael Goldsby

Dr. Goldsby is an expert on entrepreneurship. He teaches creativity, innovation, and design at Ball State University.

michael goldsby

Under his guidance, the university has earned national recognition and was featured in the top ten in U.S. News & World Report’s elite ranking.

Dr. Goldsby doesn’t just share his knowledge with his students; he has published 35 refereed journal articles along with co-authoring Innovation Acceleration and Design Centered Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Goldsby also created the video series called “The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit” which was released in 2014 by the Great Courses.

You’ll get a chance to meet him and take notes at PIVOT 2016.

2.  Gary Thomas

Partner and president of LEAP Managed IT, Gary is a problem solver. He’s a forward thinker who has the means and ambition to overcome any challenge.

With twenty-two years of experience under his belt, Gary knows how to make the most out of any situation.


LEAP Managed IT has been in business for almost eighty-five years. A few years back, the company was known as Thomas Office Solutions, though.

While the name changed, the quality of work or leadership hasn’t. Gary has been at the helm of the business for twenty-two years.

Gary Thomas is a person who can recognize the need for change and knows how to implement it effectively; skills that have helped him build a successful career.

 3. Jim Ittenbach

Jim has his eyes set on the future. This way of thinking and his love for technology helped him create Strategic Marketing & Research, Inc. SMARI for short.

Jim smari

SMARI is a custom market research company devoted to delivering quality insight to their clients.

The company has seen great success under Jim’s leadership and experience.

Before SMARI, Jim was a Project Director for Herron Associates, where he was a well-respected for his achievements. Still, Jim is an entrepreneur at heart, a quality that ultimately led to the creation of SMARI.

At PIVOT 2016, Jim will share his knowledge both as a consultant and an entrepreneur.

4. Matt Nettleton

Matt is an expert in sales and coaching; that’s why he’s the best at teaching others about sales. He’s the salesperson’s salesperson.

matt nettleton

After years of improving his skills by working with Coca-Cola and as a real estate agent, Matt found his calling. Now, he is managing partner and Chief Sales Officer at Sandler Training.

If you want to learn cutting-edge sales tactics, make sure not to miss Matt’s session.  

Matt is also a huge sports fan. When he’s not teaching sales, he’s teaching sports to more than thirty different youth teams.

AT PIVOT 2016, the focus will be more on sales than football, though.

5.  Michael Thomas

As the Chief Operational Officer at Leap, Michael helps clients just as much as he helps coworkers.


Michael knows there is something to learn at every corner, whether it’s from their best clients or a new colleague. Not only does he acknowledge the opportunities to improve, but he also acts on them.

Michael’s inquisitive spirit has helped him gain extensive experience and knowledge. He worked as National Team Leader at Colgate-Palmolive. Working for a Fortune 200 company made him a better leader.

Now he’s going to share his knowledge at PIVOT 2016.

6. Brian Graham

With nine years of experience in owning, managing, operating, and selling restaurants, Brian is no stranger to business. He has achieved excellent results in developing marketing strategies, and in sales.

Brian Graham

Brian’s true passion, though, is brewing. This passion has led him to open Four Day Ray Brewing. When their new brewery opens in downtown Fishers you’ll be able to get great food and some of the best beer in Indiana.

Brian knows that if you do something you love, positivity is never in short supply. He will bring that positive attitude with him at PIVOT 2016.

The Time and Location of PIVOT 2016

If you’d like to learn more about the smart way to grow your business, come meet these six thought leaders.

PIVOT will take place on the 16th November, at Launch Fishers 12175 Visionary Way Fishers, IN 46038.

Get your PIVOT 2016 ticket now with the early-bird discount.

Patrycja Thomas

Author: Patrycja Thomas

Fortune 500 sales and marketing veteran dedicated to helping small businesses change the world with technology.