The Great Evolution

My Grandfather, C.F. Thomas, started ‘The Adding Machine & Typewriter Co.’ during a turbulent time in our country’s history.  The Great Depression was bearing down, bread lines were long and the struggle was real on how to support your family.

C.F. was downsized, for no better name, from Remington Rand Typewriter Company as the organization hit hard times.  C.F. wasn’t one to sit back and feel sorry for himself, he saw an opportunity.  The opportunity was one to support his family, customers and grow a garage start-up into something great.

My Grandfather took a leap of faith that he could outwork, operate smarter and deliver services with a smile.

85 years later here we are as two organizations, Thomas Office Solutions and LEAP Managed IT.

LEAP Managed IT was born 3 years ago out of our clients asking us to do more and deliver the types of service they came to expect from Thomas Office Solutions.

We’ve developed some amazing processes to help small to mid-sized organizations win with technology.  The sentence before should read, “We’ve empowered amazing people to rock technology through the use of people focused solutions, processes and partnerships.”

Thanks C.F. for the inspiration of LEAP Managed IT and thanks to our dedicated staff that my brother, Michael, and I get to work with every day.  Grandpa we salute you with an ice cold Coca-Cola as you always had to celebrate the day.

We are proud to have taken the Leap.