VPN Basics: Indianapolis

Understanding VPN Virtual Private Network solutions and IT

 VPN, what is it?

Indianapolis: VPN or Virtual Private Network is the first line of defense against having your identity or data compromised online. At the moment, Online Security and Data privacy are two of the hottest topics in IT. A VPN serves as a solution to another common problem linked to online security which is identity theft.  By adding another layer of security, you get an advantage through technology rather than turning it into a nightmare.

Layered Security

While the prospect of identity theft  seems unlikely to you, it is actually far more common than you think. In a recent online survey, it showed nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft, including nearly 15 million in 2017. These numbers are alarming and makes you rethink in investing in a VPN security plan. Having a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will give you better protection against hackers whenever you’re using the public WIFI. Furthermore, it will work as an added layer of security, to make sure that your online presence, financial data and personal information are kept private.

How a VPN Works

Virtual Private Network protects your data by an installed encrypted tunnel from the network to your device. The encrypted tunnel has the ability to hide your IP address masking your identity from prying eyes such as hackers. Therefore, every time you use the internet, external traffic runs through the tunnel to keep personal information and data safe.

Hence, there are quite a number of VPN providers today that offer affordable rates. They have different packages to choose from like IPVanish. Signing up for a year, would cost $6.49/month or $77.99 for 12 months.

The 3-minute Tech Check

With LEAP Managed IT’s Security Tech Check, we can assess your company’s security state in 3 minutes.  Take the quiz and learn if you and your business have the  5 basic levels of security are in place.  By understanding your security strength and weakness, we can help you develop a Master Plan for your IT structure.