About Our IT Services

We help guide you to a safe and secure technology environment. By partnering with LEAP for IT services, you will have a team of professional technicians to support you, actively preventing and solving your technology frustrations and cyber security worries.

  • Gain support and confidenceSecure and properly maintain IT Infrastructure to prevent cyber attacks
  • Cover supplies and partsReceive consistent professional support to relieve and prevent IT frustrations
  • Make ordering supplies easyGain IT professionalism and access tools, systems and processes you would find at a Fortune 500 company
  • Make ordering supplies easyGain advising from experts who know what technology you have in place and can recommend solutions to solve problems and help you grow your business

Learn about our IT Master Plan Process

When it comes to IT, every organization is different. Everyone has their own frustrations, needs and goals, which is why we develop an IT Master Plan for each company. We listen to your struggles, evaluate your systems and compliance policies and develop an IT plan to help you get where you want to go.

Increase security to prevent cyber attacks

Ask about LEAP high-level expert monumental upgrade on cyber security to prevent data breaches, malware, viruses and other cyber attacks.

  • Auto tonerDesktop Monitoring We monitor your computers to prevent future problems and make sure they are running smoothly.
  • E-infoAutomated O/S Security Patch ManagementWe will keep track of and take care of your security updates to make sure everything is up to date.
  • Auto Paying MethodsCisco Umbrella Edge Security Subscription This software prevents team members from accessing unsecured and/or dangerous websites.
  • Auto Paying MethodsAnti-virus & Malware Subscription
  • Auto Paying MethodsCyber security certified & background checked technicians
Gain financial coverage

End IT Frustration

By partnering with LEAP for IT services, receive proactive support from our expert technicians, giving you peace of mind that your problems are actively being prevented and solved. Ask about the following services:

  • Auto tonerRemote and On-site Support Our technicians will be able to access your computer remotely to quickly and easily resolve your IT problems for you without any confusion. For more challenging technology problems, on-site support is also included.
  • E-infoLeap Documentation PortalThis application will organize your organization’s documents and company passwords in a secure and encrypted portal so you know where everything is as employees come and go.
  • E-infoSystem Generated Ticket Remediation and Desktop MonitoringWe monitor your computer to prevent future problems and make sure they are running smoothly. Our tools can detect issues with your system on their own. When these issues are detected, the software will automatically submit a ticket and our team will resolve the issue.
  • E-infoOff-site Backup and Proactive System Maintenance Leap will automatically backup all your PCs so you don't have to worry about data loss. We will keep track of your updates and fix anything on the back end that you may not notice.
  • E-infoMicrosoft 365 AdministrationWe create, maintain and take care of the back end of Microsoft 365.

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Ridiculously Helpful IT Support
Ridiculously Helpful IT Support