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Setting up and running a successful dental practice is not an easy task.  Lot’s of factors contribute to the success or failure of a practice.  Thus, understanding technology is key and having the technology work for you will aid in your success. It’s hard to be the expert in everything, but having the right Dental IT Solutions partner is critical.

Tips to Start

  1. With lots of Software options, know what will work for you.  Ask the experts on their recommendations.  What is most popular among the dental community and why? How does it integrate with other systems?  Who will help if it’s not working and how long can you afford to be without technology? HIPAA – The most vital piece of the puzzle since it impacts every dental practice.  First and foremost, you need a Dental IT Solutions partner that understands the ins and outs of HIPAA. Every electronic piece of patient data that includes health information falls under the HIPAA compliance umbrella.
    One of the most vital part in dental practices is the HIPAA requirement. This is where electronic health information are stored, protected and backup from time to time. Every health care provider, regardless of size, who electronically transmit health information, belongs under this entity.

Highest Level of Service

Scheduling of patients, Charting, Treatment Planning and Integrated Digital Imaging are some of the most important features a dental practice should include. Through these available advancements, practices run efficiently. Thus, it allows you to focus on providing the highest level of service to your patients.

  1. LEAP Managed IT uses best security practices and technologies to ensure safety and security to maintain the privacy of all electronic date and records.

Dental IT Solutions by Leap is a tailored project to help your dental practice utilize technology to its full potential. Whether you are new and just starting, expanding your practice into different locations or just simply upgrading your system, Leap dental IT team is ready to assist you.

From server upgrades, data security, backup to staff training, LEAP Managed IT will see it through the whole process. Making sure that your dental IT solutions work seamlessly through the entire process of your practice. Take full control and explore the possibilities in dental technology and software today!  For more about Dental IT Solutions, visit today!