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LEAP Managed IT guide to keep Kids Safe in the Internet

The Internet can be a good source of knowledge, information and entertainment, the struggle is with online safety for families. Today, as most classes will be online and people are working from home, the internet is playing a vital role in connecting us to the world. It allows us to achieve something in the comfort of our homes or anywhere convenient. While the internet can be describe as a wonderful place, let us always remember that it can also be dangerous for kids. In this article, find tips for online safety for families. By keeping in mind these tips, you will be able to protect kids and keep your family safe online.

Comparing to the past, children of today are quite lucky to have access to most information today. Laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smart devices have become a part of their daily lives. These gadgets are common at home and in schools. As parents, while we are glad for all these technology changes also have the responsibility to keep them safe online.

Here are some tips to keep your kids safe in the internet:

  • Educate your children. Let them know the dangers when clicking wrong links and visiting wrong sites. Encourage your kids to ask help if they see something unusual on the web. Install security software that will help the children prevent from clicking dangerous websites.
  • Use a password management system. Passwords serve as the main defense most people have against hackers. It is very common for passwords to be short and easy to remember and on top of all that, passwords are often re-used. By using a password management system, your defense against hackers will improve. Password management systems help you remember your unique passwords for all of your accounts.
  • Know the value of online privacy. Nowadays, more and more apps require collecting personal information and data. A number of apps have privacy policies that talk about how they collect and will use their consumer’s personal data for their marketing and advertising strategies. Oftentimes, users overlook these privacy policies. It is important to be mindful and remember to be careful when inputting our personal information on the web.
  • Share only the necessary data. It is important to be mindful when sharing personal information on social media. When posting personal milestones and events in social media, make sure to share only the necessary data. Posting your current location, as well as your identification card are examples of personal information that can be very attractive to hackers.

Public WiFi and Unused Accounts

  • Avoid public Wi-Fi. If possible, avoid public Wi-Fi networks shared by many. Children may not know about the dangers of public Wi-Fi, so it is important to look over them in such situation. To go private when using public Wi-Fi, it is possible to install a VPN.
  • Close unused accounts. Unused accounts may also contain personal information such as your full name, phone number, and birth date. Cyber criminals can access this information. It is a common occurrence for kids to create multiple accounts on one website. It would work best for a parent to overlook these accounts and close the ones unused.

Leap Cares

These are some of the important tips to remember to be safe in the internet. It will need the parents supervision and monitoring, to make sure that the children are shielded from the dangers of being online. Yes, the internet can provide great deal of knowledge, we just need to filter them appropriately. For more ridiculously helpful tips and reminders follow us on Facebook at For your Managed IT Services and Copier/Printing needs, visit

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