VPN – Its Features and Why It Is Necessary For a Business?

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VPN is all about protecting your data by masking your device’s IP address, encrypting it, and routing it through secure networks to servers in other states or countries. As a result, you can browse the internet safely and anonymously by hiding your online identity.

We, Ft. Wayne Managed IT provider experts at LEAP Managed IT, are here to guide on VPN services that could help your business to run securely. In this article, we are going to share all the necessary information about VPN —  must have features, and why is it required for  businesses?

What Is a VPN?

A VPN is a tool that provides additional security and privacy by establishing encrypted connections between servers and user devices. Businesses also use VPN, as it allows them to connect to a company’s internal network in a more secure way.

It provides additional privacy and security when using the internet from a public connection.

The VPN industry is expected to reach $31.1 billion this year.

First, VPN establishes a secure and encrypted internet connection. This means that any data you send or receive through a VPN is protected from cybercriminals. Encryption works in a similar way to that of sending a coded message. When you utilize encryption technology, your data is converted from an understandable format to one that is incomprehensible to outsiders. Only those possessing the encryption key, such as those connected to the private network, will be able to restore the data to its original state.

Second, after you’ve connected to a VPN server, your IP address is hidden from the rest of the internet. It’s considerably more difficult for bad actors to link your online actions to your specific location or device when your IP address is hidden. Even if your encrypted data was intercepted and decoded by a third party, tracing it back to the source would be impossible.

Did You Know?

  • A VPN is similar to a firewall, except it’s untraceable
  • VPN assures online privacy
  • A VPN would look like a firewall but cannot be traced

Top 7+ Must have VPN Features

VPN isn’t that complex but, they have certain features that make them very useful for the users. Below are some features that a VPN should have,

Operating System (OS) Support

Most of the VPNs are available for both Android and iOS. In case you are using Linux, Ubuntu or any similar ones, VPNs provide command-line applications for Linux with PIA. Furthermore, VPN can also be installed on your wireless router. This will route and protect every device connected to your Wi-Fi, even if they aren’t individually supported.

Concurrent Connections

Here, it is all about VPN services setting limits on how many devices are connecting at a time. For instance, NordVPN, ExpressVPN allows nearly 5-6 simultaneous connections whereas, SurfShark doesn’t have any limits. This is not an issue when you can install VPN to the router, as it would be counted as only one connection.

Split Tunneling

Split tunneling in VPN, divides your internet traffic where some are sent through the encrypted VPN tunnel and some are sent through the open network. This helps you to choose which apps to secure and which are connecting normally.

No-Logs Policy

It is the assurance the VPN provides that it will never log or store your data. However, when you are planning to use a VPN service provider, it is good to know which one would keep up their promise instead of checking their history of suspicious issues.

Payment Methods

Today, most of the users prefer to go for secure payment gateways over the credit card or debit card transfer. And, yes, VPNs do support some well-known payment methods like PayPal, Stripe. In addition to these, it also supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Encryption Protocols

VPN uses encryption protocols to scramble your data and secures it with an encryption key. It is not practically possible to crack the data by the fraudsters. Here, the message will be in a format that would be difficult for outsiders to understand. Only those who possess the encryption key will be able to open the encrypted data and restore it to its original state.

Automation Features

VPN has all the necessary features that would automate a secure VPN connection, hence, you will never end up with an unprotected internet connection. Moreover, all the VPN service providers will have almost the same automation features in-built with them.

Kill Switch

This is an excellent automatic feature in VPN that would immediately stop your internet connection, when the VPN stops working for any reason. This feature ensures protection with a safe connection even if the VPN fluctuates.

Leak Protection

Leak protection generally comes as DNS leak protection, IP (or IPv6) leak protection and WebRTC leak protection. Disabling this protection feature would defeat the purpose of VPN.

Ad & Malware Blockers

This would come up as an additional feature in the VPN service. The feature, ad blocker, would block ads appearing while you are browsing the web. The malware blocker would protect your website from content that is sent from a malicious source.

VPN Benefits in Businesses - LeapManagedIT
VPN Benefits in Businesses – LeapManagedIT

The Need For VPN Service In a Business

Data breaches are becoming more common, cybercriminals are smarter, and the amount of data that has been compromised is rapidly increasing. In addition to this, most businesses run without the preparation for data breaches, despite the fact that they are becoming more common by the day. Businesses must be proactive in their approach to cybersecurity and be protective before disaster strikes.

Due to some specific reasons, a business must have VPN services to make it secure and successful, Below are the few reasons for it,

  • Your office would have a secure network, through which you can access IT resources, transfer data and more. But, when you have employees working from different locations(remote), you would need a secure remote access VPN. This means, your remote employees will access to your internal resources in a secured way.
  • The access control systems like VPN can help in evaluating and verifying whether the authorization of the user regarding the appropriate level of access for using the service/application.
  • A virtual private network (VPN) is an excellent way to protect your company’s data. You can make your networks much more robust and secure by implementing a VPN across them. Also, it can join a private network from any Internet-connected device. In addition to this, VPN has a great adaptability to numerous devices.

It’s Time For VPN

Whether you manage a large organization with multiple locations or a small team of freelancers who prefer to work from different places, you need a VPN to ensure that your company’s data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Henceforth, VPN’s mission is to securely connect your world by providing a more safe and secure online experience. So, no matter how big or small your company is, or what your business’s end goals are, VPN services can assist you in getting there securely.

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