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Blockchain technology is the least understood but, at the same time, a hot topic in this digitalized world. This powerful technology can do more for the growth of your business. Understanding its concept and benefits can help you to implement it in a way that is suitable and beneficial for your niche.

We experts at Leap Managed IT will share information about blockchain technology and how it impacts any industry.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a distributed database/ledger that stores information in a digital format. It is the process of maintaining a decentralized record of transactions in a business network. The key difference between a typical database and a blockchain is the structure of the data. The data entered here is irreversible.

Blockchain collects information in groups called blocks, which contain sets of information. Blocks have a certain amount of storage, and when they are full they are closed and linked to previously filled blocks, creating a chain of data called a blockchain. Any new information following the newly added block will be compiled into a newly formed block and also added to the chain as it fills.

Industries that make use of blockchain technology are:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Financial Services
  • Travel

How is Blockchain Technology Used in Everyday Businesses?

Businesses can utilize blockchain technology in the following ways:,

  • Securing, storing, and transferring records with its built-in encryption features. This is affordable  for storing data when compared to renting a space in a data center
  • The record-holding technology in blockchain can help in solving many issues involved in supply chain management
  • Blockchain technology can be used to eliminate the difficulties associated with managing contracts for businesses
  • In blockchain technology, no records can be deleted and everyone on the chain can view the whole blocks
  • Blockchain technology was originally developed for transferring the values of various cryptocurrencies
  • The concept of timestamping in blockchain technology will protect the document from getting altered. This is helpful when working on any open-source projects
Blockchain Technology Business Benefits - LeapManagedIT
Blockchain Technology Business Benefits – LeapManagedIT

How Financial Sectors are Benefited From Blockchain Technology?

The impact of blockchain technology in the financial sector is as follows,

Improved transparency – As all the activities are performed on a public ledger hence, blockchain technology makes the financial industry more transparent. This transparency helps in reducing the risks in the financial sector.

Added security – Financial companies are always a target for cybercriminals. Digital payments are becoming more popular, and it also carries the risk of information being stolen. Blockchain technology can help in delivering more efficient and secure transactions as it uses cryptographic algorithms to process transactions. Other businesses and especially financial institutions must implement blockchain technology to build data integrity.

Direct payments – Most of the transactions are processed through financial institutions such as  banks, and credit card companies with complexity and high transaction fees. When transactions are happening through blockchain it reduces or eliminates fees, fewer scams, is quick, reversible, and consumes less time and money.

Reduced error handling – Data cannot be altered in the blockchain. Data recorded in blockchain can easily be tracked and analyzed, leaving a very detailed audit trail. The detailed analysis would help in eliminating or reducing the errors.

Reduced fraud – Blockchain stores data in a ledger where every transaction is recorded and can also be viewed by anyone in the chain. Everyone in the chain will also receive a copy of the transaction that is happening. These features make blockchain technology resistant to hackers and cyber attacks.

Customer data storage – Financial companies have to deal with a lot of customer data and its verification process which would require an investment of more time and money. Whereas blockchain technology can make this process easier. Customer data can be stored on the blockchain after completing the KYC process. This would eliminate the process of KYC every time when dealing with a new financial account.

Financial inclusion – The startup gets an opportunity to compete with major banks as blockchain technology is reasonable when it comes to cost. This would eventually promote financial inclusion. Due to limitations like minimum balance requirements, limited access, and banking fees, many consumers are searching for banking alternatives. Blockchain may offer a hassle-free alternative to traditional banking that makes use of mobile devices and digital identification.

Cryptocurrency – The latest type of assets that rely on the blockchain are digital currencies. Although there is already a market for digital money, blockchain businesses are lowering the entry barrier and offering a frictionless exchange of the most well-known cryptocurrencies as a banking substitute.

How Blockchain is Beneficial to Other Businesses?

Great transparency – As blockchain uses distributed ledger technology, data and other transactions are recorded and accessible to anyone in the chain. This would increase reliability, and transparency in the system and also creates an opportunity for understanding the activities in a better way.

Traceability – Blockchain technology is very useful when it comes to supply chain management as it can help in tracking any product or merchandise during shipment.

Security – The blockchain is substantially more secure than traditional storage systems since it uses encrypted digital signatures and transactions. Blockchain technology also allows for addressing privacy concerns. Moreover, as data is stored on a network of computers rather than a single server, hackers cannot easily access the information.

Efficiency – Blockchain technology improves efficiency in the overall performance of your business. The smart contracts, the transparent transactions, and assurance on all the agreed terms will be met. All these would significantly increase the efficiency of your business.

It’s Time for Blockchain

Blockchain is essential for every industry. It may also be used for any type of business, including manufacturing, retail,, healthcare, real estate, and more. So, get started in the developing world of blockchain today. When it comes to financial services, implementing blockchain technology is quite challenging, despite that many financial companies have started using it, and it is becoming a more popular investment. It’s clear that the finance industry has understood the potential advantages and will be a part of it going forward.

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