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Let’s face it: file servers have often been thought of as a necessary evil, not necessarily a gratifying experience that has allowed for collaboration and seamless access to data.

And they sometimes make it challenging to share information with users outside of your company, and even more difficult to access files behind a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Firewall. File servers are low-agility; you get no uptime guarantees, and file servers aren’t made for a mobile workforce.

Sharing files outside your business is complicated, and collaboration on files can get messy… fast. Can you collaborate with two or more people? Can you view file version history? Or perhaps prevent file overwrites?

Introducing ShareSync

ShareSync is an integrated file sync and share service that offers simplicity and mobility without risking control or protection.

How would you like to sync all of your files across every device instantly? What about sharing files inside and outside the company?

  • Audit log and remote wipe capabilities.
  • Encryption for data-in-transit and at-rest.
  • Keep files secure and protected.
  • Centralized administration.
  • One bill, one control panel, one source of support.

With ShareSync, all of this and more is possible.

Sync across virtually every device

Every file change automatically syncs to all ShareSync devices. Syncing happens automatically, behind the scenes, the moment a file modification occurs. It also offers desktop and mobile access to content on any device. ShareSync apps are available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry. Content also accessible through any web browser.

  • Syncing happens automatically the moment a file modification occurs.
  • Offline work on PC’s is synced when a user comes back online.
  • ShareSync apps available for IPhone, IPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone.
  • Content also accessible through any modern web browser.

Share with recipients both inside and outside the company

ShareSync leverages your customers’ corporate address books for easy sharing. Recipients can access content, even if they don’t have ShareSync installed. Users can set sharing permissions to control access privileges, and change them at any time. Sub-folders can also be shared with different permissions than parent folders. Windows plugins integrate ShareSync functionality directly into Outlook and Office.

  • Intuitive sharing interface is integrated with your corporate address book.
  • Users can set sharing permissions.
  • Sub-folders can be shared with different permissions than parent folders.
  • Quick group sharing with exchange distribution lists.
  • Files can be shared via weblink to any recipient, even if they don’t have ShareSync installed.
  • Co-edit and share directly from Outlook and Office with easy-to-enable Windows plugins.

Keep content secure and protected

Data is encrypted at rest and in-transit, with an additional account-specific unique security key. Content protection features a guard against accidental deletion or version conflict. Permissions and access are also strictly controlled and easily amended at any time. ShareSync data on lost or stolen devices can be wiped remotely. An audit log lets you track all account-wide ShareSync events, and reliability is assured with a 99.999% financially backed SLA.

  • An account-specific unique security key provides additional data protection.
  • Sharing permissions and access are strictly controlled and easily amended at any time.
  • Remotely wipe ShareSync data on lost or stolen devices.
  • An Audit log keeps track of the ShareSync activity on your account.

Additional Security Features:

The security features make ShareSync a highly-secure, highly-reliable, business-grade file sync and share service. From locking features that help prevent overwrites and deletions to co-editing, ShareSync keeps your data safe and secure.

  • Locking features help prevent overwrites, conflicts or deletions.
  • Users can track file inconsistencies to particular users and file versions.
  • File versions are recoverable, including deleted files.
  • Disabled and deleted user data is retained for administrator access.
  • co-editing and locking features help prevent overwrites, conflicts or deletions.

Recovery made easy

Gartner, Inc. says that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds in the United States. Sandisk states that at least one USB thumb drive with data is lost at work every month. Google Labs reports that every week, 140,000 hard drive crashes will happen in the United States.

Files backed up to ShareSync can be easily restored across your devices. Admins can view content structure to add, delete and restore files. Administrators can also remotely wipe ShareSync data from any device for those worst case scenarios, especially for those companies with the most sensitive data.

Keep your IT simple

With Sharesync, you can keep your IT simple and safe. You don’t need to maintain hardware. There is no VPN required. It is simple to deploy, manage, and use. ShareSync provides data security you can count on and makes online file sharing a breeze. Whether you are sharing one file, or an entire folder with hundreds of files, a few clicks are all it takes.



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