What is IT or Information Technology?

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Your Beginners Guide to Understanding IT

More than likely, you probably know more about IT than you realize. Our everyday life is integrated with it as it makes everything easier. The phone in your hand, the computer you use at work, the internet connection is all part of IT  In other words, it allows you to read this blog through a connection. However, what does the term “IT” or Information Technology actually mean?

Information technology refers to the application of digital technology, like the internet and computers, to solve problems, by storing and processing data. In other words, IT is a combination of all pieces of technology, including the hardware, software, operating systems, databases, data storage, internet and servers, which allow technological devices to function together to solve problems.

IT normally refers to the technology at a broader scale, such as in businesses and organizations. Use to solve business problems, make communication easier and ensure efficiently within the workplace.

Why is managing your IT important?

You did your research, bought everything you needed and set up your technology. That is good enough, right? It works and functions. It is doing great until it isn’t anymore. Technology can be complicated. If not managed properly, it can slow down, cause problems or crash completely. It is important to manage your IT, keep everything up-to-date and ensure that everything is secure.

If not managed correctly, your business could risk:

Data Overload: Not having enough processing power or software to process the huge amounts of data you need can lead to technology problems.

Data Breaches: It is important to keep your information secure and safe from outsiders who may want to use the information against you or your business.

– Lost Data: Managing your data and making sure everything is backed up is very important. Have a back up plan in case of unfortunate events occur.

– Down Time: When your server crashes or your technology runs slow, it takes time away from work. Not managing your IT can lead to problems which can decrease efficiency and productivity.

There are many more issues that can arise by improper management of IT By managing your IT, you can ensure your technology works for you and not against you. You can keep your business moving effectively.

What career options involve Information Technology?

I am sure you have heard the phrase, “I am going to ask my IT guy.” Actually IT involves a broad variety of careers in technology innovation. In addition, there are three main categories in which careers can be broken down into:

– Network Engineers – These professionals ensure computers and other technological devices work with each other

– Hardware Technicians – These professionals create, replace and repair components

– Desktop Support Personal

More specifically, some examples of Information Technology careers are: Database administrators, Web Developers, Mobile Application Developers, IT Help Desk Technicians, IT Security Specialists, IT Managers, Computer Programmers, Data Scientists, User Interface Developer and Computer Hardware Engineers.

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