Why you should take the LEAP and outsource your IT

Some 17,000 planes were grounded at Los Angeles International Airport due to a software problem. The problem that hit systems of the United States Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) agency was a simple one, caused by a piece of lowly and inexpensive equipment.

The device in question was a network card that, instead of shutting down as perhaps it should have, persisted in sending the incorrect data across the network. The data then spread out until it hit the entire network at the USCBP and brought it to a standstill. Nobody could be authorized to leave or enter the US through the airport for eight hours. Passengers were not impressed.

Stories like these are far too common, whether your business is running an airport, bakery or plumbing company. In today’s business world there is no denying that technology plays an important role in your success. Unfortunately, as we grow more dependent on technology, IT failures can have a catastrophic impact on your business. Outsourcing the care of your IT is less like putting out fires, and more like preventing them before they spark.

What did you do the last time your server crashed or network failed? You probably called tech support and sat on the phone for an hour. When that didn’t work, you called a technician to come out to your site to fix the problem hours later. All these steps took away valuable time, and we all know that time is money. Outsourcing your IT keeps your systems running smoothly and let’s you focus on what matters most, growing your business.

Controlling IT costs.
When you outsource your IT you pay a low fixed monthly cost that you can easily budget for, instead of dealing with the headache of expensive and unpredictable billing. On top of that, hiring and training an IT staff is very expensive. Your wallet will thank you later for outsourcing your IT.

Focusing on what matters.
Whether your business is in law, construction or medicine, IT problem-solving is not your company’s strong suit. And not the most efficient way to use your time. Businesses have limited resources and every manager has limited time and attention. From management to HR, outsourcing can help your business stay efficient and on task.

Keeping current with technology.
You want a company focused on one field of expertise that will keep your wi-fi fast and your servers running smoothly. Professional IT companies spend large amounts of time and money to ensure they are up-to-date on all the latest technical knowledge so you don’t have to. They do so by using tried-and-true ways and processes, documentation and more structured methods to solve all your IT problems before you even know you had one.

Minimizing Risk.
By taking responsibility for problems like hardware failures, database corruptions, software crashes, and virus intrusions, you are helping lower the risk for your business. Outsourcing also gives you the ability to quickly act and prevent downtime for your business. This is not always possible with a limited in-house solution.

Because of all the above benefits, your business can lower costs and focus on growth. Outsourcing your IT can prevent, and quickly respond to, serious issues that lead to failures and extended downtime. So never hit that refresh button with your fingers crossed again. Feel smart, empowered, and confident with your IT solution.


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Michael Thomas

Author: Michael Thomas

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