5 IT Trends for 2017 – Is your Company Prepared?

IT trends for 2017

There is only one constant in IT – change. Technology evolves. It is continually improved. Thus, your company needs to stay relevant. You have to always adapt to the changes that come.

Let’s have a look at 5 of the most critical IT trends for 2017 and how your company should deal with them:

1. More Types of Devices Will Be Connected to the Internet

The world already witnessed the Internet of Things – multiple smart devices able to communicate with each other. That technology brought forth countless possibilities.

The biggest problem a company is facing regarding the Internet of Things is related to costs.

To take advantage of IoT, they will need to invest a lot into training and development. Employees will need to be ready to face different challenges. Your company will need specific apps, capable of more complex tasks.

That is one of the most significant IT trends for 2017. Gartner predicts that the Internet of Things Device Management will be the next big thing. That will create data structures capable of actual learning.

IT trends for 2017

2. IT Trends for 2017 – Adaptive Security

Security is one of the most important aspects when it comes to IT. Still, there are many companies that have experienced and continue to experience data breaches. The outcome is not always good.

Gartner predicts that in 2017, companies will have another way to defend themselves – being on the offensive They believe that apps should soon be able to protect themselves. Companies should invest in predictive modeling, starting now.

Security will continue to be one of the most important aspects – especially since more and more devices get connected to the Internet.

3. Corporate mLearning

Many companies already offer their employees an eLearning platform. mLearning is an extension of that, adapted for mobile devices.

The current generation of employees uses mobile devices a lot. These training sessions or lessons could be simply on demand. They will be shorter, easier to follow and to complete.

Doing this will generate a higher engagement rate for employees. Companies would experience an improvement in knowledge retention.

4. New and Better Big Data Architectures

Big data is vital when talking about IT trends for 2017.

It’s so important because it allows you to predict what may happen. It helps you determine certain patterns that may provide clues to a problem.

For instance, the police have learned how to use it to prevent crime. It allows them to analyze crime records about a particular city, during a considerable period. That helps them isolate bad neighborhoods or dangerous roads. Then, they can take action to prevent and lower the crime rate.

Starting with 2017, this segment will become of greater importance for any company.

Big data will allow your business to determine certain patterns in customer behavior, for example. But it will require specific software for analysis. Traditional data processing applications will not be able to handle the job.

IT trends for 2017

5. Heuristic Automation

Automation has been around for some time now. When looking at IT trends for 2017 your company can’t ignore this. Automation will change. It will no longer work as it does now.

More and more business owners will hire an automation leader. His/Her job will be to stay on the heuristic path and continually increase the intelligence and complexity of specific software products.

Thus, they will make sure your clients always get straightforward, fast solutions whenever they have an issue.

Marketing automation should also not be overlooked. More small businesses will look for sophisticated software. That will help them work smarter, grow faster and reduce the number of manual tasks.

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