Indianapolis: Data Loss and Recovery 101

Indianapolis Data Loss and Recovery

Understanding Data Loss and Recovery

What does Data Loss and Recovery mean to you? Here is an example: Everything in the office is running smoothly until one day, out of nowhere, you lost all your data! What do you consider data, all information found on your computer.

All your private files, customer information, employee data, just to name a few. It may be through hardware failure or system crash or user error.

Is my data recoverable?

Thus, with the right Data Loss and Recovery procedure in place it can be.  Data Recovery is a process of salvaging lost or inaccessible data which leads to  loss of business. Certainly, Data Backup is crucial for every organization. Archive files and folders so they can be restored if there is a breach.   Some incidents are minor and only cause a slight nuance.  Others can have you scrambling to find information for days.  Worst case scenario, all your data is lost.

Causes of Data Loss

Whether it is by accident, human error or hardware failure, the effect of losing critical data to your business may  be devastating.  Most important to know, your data is the most valuable asset of your business. Consequently, Data loss for businesses can set profit margin back. It create stress for the business owner and staff and can tarnish a company’s reputation.  Worse yet you run the risk of dealing with Identity Theft of your client and employee data. Lastly, the worry of the cost involved of restoring the lost data.

Be on Guard

Causes of data loss include virus, software malfunction, human error, natural disaster and hardware failure. First, keep your anti-virus updated at all times.  Second, train your staff to be on guard for malicious email. Those can cause a complete disaster for your computer system.  Lastly, implement layers of security measures to keep your data safe.  Seek an outside evaluation on your system.

Question is would you able to bounce back? The answer would be, maybe.

Preventing data loss is easy, most especially, if you choose the right method. You may consider offsite data loss and recovery services such as LEAP Managed IT, Indianapolis. These Managed IT Services can train your staff, retrieve, compress, encrypt, and store all your files in a remote backup server for you. LEAP Managed IT specializes in Data Loss Recovery and Back Up, assessing your system, hardware and software to make sure everything is up to date and working well for  our business.  For more information, visit