Cyber Security 101 Webinar

Cyber Security 101 for all Indianapolis based businesses

Cyber Security 101 Webinar: Join us September 14th!


While Cyber Security crime has not gone away and unfortunately the bad guys keep getting sneakier, the good news, we know how they operate!

Join us for a Cyber Security 101 Webinar and learn:

  • the tricks of the trade
  • common mistakes
  • how to protect your business and your data from falling into the wrong hands

If you have joined us in the past…great…come again for a refresher and new tips.

This interactive webinar will be led by Cyber experts and LEAP veterans Gary Thomas & Michael Thomas.

Visit to learn more or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

Patrycja Thomas

Author: Patrycja Thomas

Fortune 500 sales and marketing veteran dedicated to helping small businesses change the world with technology.