Leadership in a Virtual Environment

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Motivating through Leadership

Working virtually comes with its own set of challenges. First, motivating your team is  key. Second, keeping them engaged is yet more difficult. We adjust our leadership style to a new norm. How can a leader engage in a virtual setup? What important skills do you need for leadership in a virtual environment?

Thus, leadership primarily is never an easy task.  Adding a virtual environment into the mix, can somehow change the game. Not all leaders are cut to manage a virtual team. A leader in an office set up, is entirely different from managing a remote team. However, there are different leadership styles, the fundamentals of being a good leader remain the same.

Important Skills for Leaders in a Virtual Environment

Be able to unite your team with a shared sense of purpose with clear goals. This allows a healthy and respectable workspace among team members. A virtual leader needs to be the connector, the glue among team members. Above all, it is important for the leader to bond and secure a good relationship with his members.

Communication within team members is vital. However, with the new normal virtual workspace, ways of communication are limited. Thus, misunderstandings happens. As a leader, it is important for one to be able to communicate properly and effectively to the team members. In other words, One must be able to convey messages concisely despite the lack of body language and tone. Both factors are possible through face-to-face interactions.

You are Invited!

In conclusion, LEAP Managed IT together with their partners from Shafer Leadership Academy, invites you to a Leadership Workshop. As LEAP continues to be Ridiculously Helpful, we are hosting a webinar about leadership in a virtual environment. Learn how to motivate your team , in addition to leadership skills needed. The workshop is on June 25 at 9 A.M.

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