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When it comes to next-level business communication, simple and seamless voice system comes first with Level365. They are the leading communication and phone system experts in Indianapolis through simplified day-to-day business communications. In today’s technological advancements, unified messaging, audio, presence, video conferencing and faxing made easier for businesses.

We are fortunate to be with level365’s expert Nathan McCord. He shares and breaks down details on integration of communication services. Together with our very own, LEAP Managed IT’s COO, Michael Thomas. The interactive webinar between the two tech experts provides examples and insights on systems integration. They also talked about the importance of having a unified communication system that can help businesses today.

For Better Understanding

With the rising number of businesses transitioning to work-from-home set up, communication (phone and internet) have become a vital part to ensure business continuity. Over the last months, the discussions revolve around the process on how to make communication easier and well coordinated. With the cloud, VOIP and other features that can integrate in today’s technology to make it seamless. In today’s technology driven business environment, a voice solution that extends and connects is important. Given different scenarios of multiple offices, remote and mobile workers, call center support, level365 can help give you and your employees, flexibility and control to manage work.

LEAP Managed IT and its continued effort to share ridiculously helpful tips aims to make unified communication and updated phone systems more understandable and familiar to its users. As level 365 partners with LEAP Managed IT, ensuring from the back end that your business is IT ready and capable to adapt these upgrades in communication and phone systems.

Michael and Nathan also discuss the basic traditional phone system and the challenges of having to coordinate calls in line 1, 2, 3 or more. Today, there are still companies that use traditional system through telephone because of familiarity and hesitation to adapt to change. Through this interactive webinar, we will learn more about new features, software and examples of integrations that can help your business.

Business Communication at its Best with LEAP

As we all know, business communication plays a vital part, most especially when your team is working remotely. A computer network integrated to a phone system works best when your network is in tiptop shape. With technology changing through time, transitioning may require moderate learning for users. If you have questions, feel free to contact and level365 . Learn more on how Indianapolis Phone System Providers can help level up your business.


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