How Remote Work can Save your Business

Transitioning to Remote Work

Let’s continue Remote Work…for now

Remote Work, a current necessity. In these challenging times, for both health and economy, many people are looking into working remotely. Companies are looking into setting up their employees to work from home, accomplishing the same tasks as being physically in the office. Now, while the entire world is battling the corona virus, working from home has become the best option.  Remote work is now on the rise and slowly becoming a mainstream.

What is Remote Work?

What is remote work?  Remote work is a working style that allows professionals to work outside the usual office set up or environment. This came from the concept that one can work effectively even if they are not in the office. Instead of commuting daily to work, remote employees can execute and complete tasks and projects wherever they please. The flexibility and schedule for the day is designed to achieve the fullest potential for both professional and personal lives.

The beauty of working remotely is the variety of ways people can choose from. Working from home is one option. Some work in co-working hubs, nearby cafes or just about anywhere where they see conducive work environment where they can get the job done.

Some companies hire people to work remotely. This method has benefits for the employers too. One is the higher productivity of the employee. Studies show that employees are more likely to put in extra effort in their jobs. Hiring remote employees is also great way for a company to save overhead costs. There will be decrease in costs like rent, office furniture, office supplies and many more.

There are so many jobs and tasks that can be done successfully through remote work. This includes marketing and sales, data entry and updating, SEO, customer service and many more. With the advanced technology today, everything becomes reachable and connected.

Important things to consider When Working from Home

There are  a few important things to remember when you transition to remote work.  Working from home does not ensure that your data or network is secure because you think you are home. Request for a VPN connection from employers to access to their corporate network. In addition, VPN tunnels can provide protection against malaware and other viruses.

We should also stay vigilant during these times when it comes to recognizing phishing emails and exercise caution when opining attachments and clicking links. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the Covid-19 news and updates. They use these email messages to gain access to corporate networks.

Smooth Transition

Today, as I am writing this article, the need to work from home has become in demand. With the corona virus making our times challenging,  people are urged to stay home to avoid spreading the virus.  If your company is looking into transitioning to working remotely, email to make the transition as smoothly as possible. LEAP can help and assist with the transition. For IT support needs, visit  Together we can still make things work.


Patrycja Thomas

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