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Why Screen Time Management is Important

Screen Time Survival!

Is Screen Time management important?  Most busy parents  believe that the best way to keep their children quiet and preoccupied is through gadgets. It starts from as early as 2, with the child’s favorite cartoon, and feeding time becomes a breeze! Some parents use screen time as a bribe, for eating veggies, doing homework, fixing the toys and the list is endless. As parents, we do not realize, at that moment, that what we are doing is not good. Until it becomes too late and managing, their screen time becomes chaotic, in other words, unmanageable.

It’s back to school time and we have listed below some tips on screen time management for kids that might help lessen or eliminate (next to impossible) use of gadgets.

**Set a good example. For instance, keeping the TV on for background        noise all the time or scrolling through your phone or ipad every time you have a spare minute teaches your child bad habits. As they see you binge watching your favorite Netflix series or playing online games on your phone, they think that it is also right for them to be on it all the time. So set a good example by using your time productively.

**Make Use of Parental Controls. Always protect your kids from explicit contents found on TV and online. Use parental controls that allow you to monitor what your kids are viewing on both TV and online.

**Encourage Other Activities. Kids depend on technology for entertainment. Create activities in your household that does not involve the screen. For instance  cooking together or outdoor games.

**Educate and talk to your kids about the effects of spending excessive time on screen. How it affects the development of their eyes along with their motor skills. Studies show that too much screen time can have many negative effects. Issues range from mental problems in school and the ability to pay attention.

Human Interaction

In conclusion, it is important that we learn to limit screen time in favor of actual human interaction and productivity. This actually goes, not just for the children but adults too! Remember that too much of everything is not good and we always have to keep the balance in our daily lives.

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