Carmel Pediatric Dentistry

LEAP Managed IT highlights Carmel Pediatric Dentistry
Carmel Pediatric Dentistry: The First Visit

As a kid, do you remember, not wanting to visit the dentist? This usually happens when the “first visit” turns out disastrous! It takes years to overcome. Carmel Pediatric Dentistry makes going to the dentist easy and fun. This month, LEAP Managed IT is proud to highlight their partner, Carmel Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Katie and the team provide a fun, supportive, non-threatening and caring environment.  Most importantly, it allows kids to develop a positive and healthy outlook on dentistry and oral health.

Carmel Pediatric Dentistry is a pediatric-focused dental team. They see patients from toddlers to college age kids. Their state of the art facility is warm and welcoming.  While providing knowledgeable and experienced care.

How they do it?

From the moment you visit their website, your mind is at easy.  You virtually meet the team, visit the office and can schedule the appointment.

When it’s time for the appointment, you are wowed by the office and friendly environment.  Greeted by smiles and a team that wants the kids to feel at ease.  If your child is a toddler or college aged, they help them understand the importance of good oral care.

With a well-trained team, they can take care of complex oral issues, cavities and preventative care.  You feel confident sitting in the waiting area as your child completes their visit.

At the end, everyone is all smiles!

The Tech Stuff!

LEAP Managed IT handles the behind the scenes Tech Stuff.  We partner to provide the necessary support to keep the practice running efficiently. We understand the importance of HIPPA compliance, digital imaging & charting. Along with data back-up, virus and anti-malware protection.   We  share our expertise of dental software, including Dentirx and EagleSoft just to name a few.

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Learn more about our partnership. Click HERE to view our video.

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