Ridiculously Helpful, not just in IT

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Ridiculously Helpful, not just in IT!

In the IT space, it’s hard to be fun & funny.  Luckily at LEAP we have found a way to do it!

Many of you have sent us notes and let us know how much you appreciate our Ridiculously Helpful Tips, thank you!

We are excited to share them.Our clients know that we are not just another IT company that only speaks TECH, but that we are real people who understand you don’t have to speak TECH. (that’s our job!)

We have been doing this a long time and we try to focus on what our clients needs might be outside of just being their Help Desk or Network Gurus.

So, we developed the Ridiculously Helpful Tips that you can apply in real life.  Our clients look to us for Continuing Education credits, training classes, seminars and our PIVOT events along with helping them find other partners in various industries.

Sometimes even, someone will misdial us and ask us to help pickup their kids for soccer… that is where the true concept of Ridiculously Helpful was conceived.  We want to be your “go to” experts for all your needs.  That is why we continually strive to be the most trusted advisor for all your business needs.

Will our tips seem silly at times and will the upcoming Facebook segment of “How to Change a Tire in a Suit” or recommending the “Top 10 Podcasts for a Family Road Trip” revolutionize the world of IT, probably not but they will make you pause, laugh, make a mental note and go on with your day.

If there is ever a tip or question you want to share, reach out us and we can be Ridiculously Helpful together!

Want to learn more about LEAP Managed IT and our Ridiculously Helpful IT, visit our website leapmanagedit.com.  You can also follow us on Facebook @leapmit.

Patrycja Thomas

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