How to Take Care of Technology by M. Stults

Taking Care of Technology prolongs life and works like brand new

Technology for All

Life has become more convenient and enjoyable with technology. Its development has made it possible for us to lead lives that are more comfortable. Therefore, our friend at LEAP Managed IT, Mike Stults, discusses via Facebook live, on how to take care of Technology. This is part of Leaps effort to share Ridiculously Helpful everyday tips.

Follow these simple steps to keep technology in good working order:

  • Flat screen TV’s- Make sure that the TV is off. Remove dust, spots and smear with microfiber cloth with few drops of clean water, after that, wipe it again with dry microfiber cloth to remove dampness. Never spray chemical based cleaner directly on TV as it may damage the screen.
  • Tablets and smart phones- Keeping your tablets and smartphones clean will prolong its life. Simply wipe gently with a few drops of distilled water and microfiber cloth. This will remove dust and dirt. You may add a little alcohol to wipe the mouthpiece part to disinfect it. Wipe again with clean cloth to dry. However, do not use paper-based cloth as they can scratch the screen. Always turn off the tablets and smartphones before cleaning.
  • Computer- Turn off the computer and unplug from electrical outlet. Remove dust and small particles in keyboards and internal components using an air blaster. Wipe the monitor, mouse pad with a clean, slightly damp microfiber cloth. Remove dampness by using a clean cloth. Clean regularly to protect from dust accumulation.
  • Printers- Dust and wipe with clean cloth for the outside. For internal cleaning, run the cleaning cycle to remove smears. Use alcohol and cotton swabs to remove built-up ink and roller.
  • Headphones and Earphones- It is important to clean headphones and earphones regularly as it is always in contact to our ears. Wipe earpiece with clean with damp cloth and remove any buildup, wipe the cords too. In addition, you may add a little alcohol to disinfect.

For Homes

  • Refrigerators- Use Lysol wipes to clean handles. Wipe inside with clean slightly damp cloth to remove stains and food particles.
  • Coffee makers- Clean pots with vinegar solution and rinse with running water at least once a month.
  • Dishwashers – Run dishwasher cleaner at least twice a month with a cup of white vinegar. Run with hot water cycle to wash away grease, grime and odor.
  • Washing machine– Use 2 cups of white vinegar and let it run through complete cycle using hot water. When the cycle is done, wipe the tub with clean cloth.

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