Leap Now Offers Paper Shredding Services

LEAP Managed IT now offers paper shredding services in Indianapolis

Leap offers Paper Shredding Services

One of the most effective ways to protect individuals and organizations from the negative effects of identity theft and fraud is paper shredding. This is the reason why Identity thieves hate paper shredding services. Some frauds tie up to paper information and 1 out of 5 data breaches involve paper records. In line with Leap’s effort to give your organization the best in everything concerning technology, business growth, and continuity, they are now offering paper shredding services.

Why is Paper Shredding Important?

Paper shredding is also known as document destruction. The process is highly critical to keep confidential and sensitive information safe. Marketing plans, bills, and other files with sensitive contents should be discarded accordingly to avoid getting in the hands of those who would want to take advantage and get hold of such information.

It is known that once these paper documents are thrown away in the trash, they will be considered public property. This makes it riskier, most especially for big corporations. Paper shredding is not only important for security and cybersecurity reasons but also federal law. There are currently several states which mandate the safeguarding of all private information for both your employees and clients. Thus, securely shredding all documentation is crucial for the protection of your business. Most especially when this pile of paper is no longer relevant.

One last thing to Consider

Make it a habit and for employees to eliminate  huge pile of paper clutter to prevent fire hazards. Having unnecessary paper clutter around office spaces double the chances of risk for not just fire but cybersecurity issues as well.

Making it Easy

LEAP Managed IT is encouraging that paper shredding should become a part of your organization’s best practices. With Leap’s paper shredding services, you will never have to worry about the huge stack of papers in the office that needs to be shredded. Leap helps Indianapolis companies along with Carmel, Zionsville Greenwood, Muncie and Ft. Wayne. For more details on Leaps Paper Shredding services, visit www.leapmanagedit.com today!


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