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Gary Thomas, President of LEAP Managed IT, talks about the 5 Keys to Improving IT Security in his latest webinar. As part of Leap’s effort to being “Ridiculously Helpful”, Gary gives tips and tricks on how to protect your company from cyber attacks, IT Security and a lot more.

Be Digitally Safe

The threat of cyber crime is spreading like wildfire. News from around the globe has reported different kinds of cyber attacks that affect organizations. Cyber criminals use tools like spreading viruses, spyware or ransomware.Whether you are running a small business or a chain of world-class hotel, it’s hard to stay safe from criminal attacks.

Organizations tend to focus on sales and marketing. However, it’s important to prioritize security in technology. Having a strong IT security foundation to protect your business and clients from fraud is a must. Therefore, keeping network systems safe to ensure data protection is necessary. Data such as sensitive client information becomes your responsibility by keeping private.

Here are the 5 Keys to IT Security:

  1. Regular Reviews – Have a regular meet up with IT people about company standards. Discuss control and back up plans of the organization. Keep IT strategy updated.
  2. Policies- Up to date documentation is a need in this area. It assures continuity of procedures of the organization, when the need arises. Improve on the parts that worked well and change the ones that need updating. Have a clear policy outline when it comes to IT security. How do you handle data integrity? What happens if the data is lost? These questions must have answers, right away.
  3. Control and Ownership- Organizations use variety of IT systems to make operation easier and systematic. Who among your employees have access to what applications? Let them be responsible for changing and keeping passwords safe. Who is accountable in a case data breach happens?
  4. Technical Standards- Develop a company standard on what hardware and software to use. It is necessary for the entire organization to use the same anti-virus, for instance. Similarly, a back up plan should be in place. In addition, Make sure that the team is well informed on the importance of IT security.
  5. User Training and Testing – Schedule staff training to develop growth and awareness. Discuss the pros and cons of technology and the digital world. Above all, to be mindful about data safety, at all times.

Be informed

Running a business is realizing the responsibility to employees and clients. Preventing financial loss while keeping a good name is attainable through secure cyber management. For more on cyber security, upcoming events on IT and helpful gadget tips, visit

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