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Technology has played a vital part on our everyday life; it makes everything easier and connects us. On the other hand, instances about data breaches happen every day that compromises user safety.  Therefore, we should handle mobile technology with utmost care.  Basic Mobile Device Management is a topic that is not clear to everybody. Hence, LEAP Managed IT, discuss it on the latest webinar, to be ridiculously helpful for individuals and organizations.

Mobile Device Management is a software that allows IT administrator to control, secure and enforce policies on smartphones, laptops and tablets. Today, employees are adapting a mobile work style. Freedom and flexibility for employees to work in other locations within or outside the office . In other words, one can be in a coffee shop or airport, and can still be productive. A good MDM plan will add a layer of security for employees and their mobile devices.

Reasons why Mobile Device Management is Important and data breach is rampant:

  • One laptop is stolen every 53 seconds per record.
  • Over 70 million smartphones are lost each year.
  • 3% of company issued smartphones are either lost or stolen.
  • 80% of the lost laptop causes data breach.

Risks without a good Mobile Device Management Plan:

  • Unauthorized use of data
  • Unauthorized access to data
  • Ransomware and other cyber threat deployment

For Starters

Identify a starting point for your Mobile Device Management Plan. Create a basic inventory of what your organizations have when it comes to technology issued to employees. What is it for? What are the needed apps?  Who can and cannot access such applications? It is also important to know the quantity and types of devices issued by your organization. What programs are vital for the business and who can access them? These are important questions to take note of.

A Mobile Device Management software training for employees is a must. It also helps to keep standards and policies up to date as technology and its uses change from time to time.It helps to keep standards and policies up to date. Once the policies are in place, organizations need to craft a basic standard of consistency through password requirements  and reset features that everyone should follow. After that, it will be a normal custom for your employees not to take passwords for granted.

In conclusion, Mobile device management is the art of managing mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets that have access to company data. Do you have a plan of action if one of your employees loses their smartphone?

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