New Wave Technology and Cyber Security

What’s the Next Big Thing?

2019 is here! We are starting off with this year’s technology forecast. We look forward to 12 new months of new discoveries.  While in 2018, the world experienced the coming out of technologies. Such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Today these tools are accessible to everyone.  Hence, it is widely used among businesses and consumers. Amidst all the development, one thing is certain and become more aggressive. Cyber security, hacking, fraud is rising to new levels.

Let’s take a look at tech industry experts speculations about the next “big thing”.

Upcoming trends and next wave of breakout in technology:

  1. 5G networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity. With cutting edge technology, 5G offers faster speed and more reliable connection. Most important, it will provide the infrastructure needed to carry huge amounts of data.
  2. AI- Led Automation is the breakout technology for 2019. It is expected that data mining and management, business processes will witness automation via neutral networks. IT Services, customer support will be taken to the next level via machine-learning based solutions.
  3. Artificial Intelligence goes from expert-only to everywhere. As per Deloitte, 70 percent will obtain these capabilities through the cloud.                65 percent will create AI applications using cloud-based development services.
  4. Mainstreamed Internet of Things. While IoT is not a new concept, it will move from pre-adoption to a mainstream solution that retail, manufacturing, health care. It will be a part of  everyday business operation. According to Frank Cittadino of QQS Networks & Forbes Technology Council Member, it will change the way consumers and businesses get real-time data.
  5. We have already heard of the 4k TVs. They are called 4k because the display content is 4,000 pixels wide. In 2019, companies go big with 8k TV’s. Certainly, enhancing the viewer experience.

Wrapping Up

All the new wave in technology for 2019 is overwhelming. Through all these developments, cyber security threats are still possible. Furthermore, businesses are pursuing full digital operations. However ,advanced technology is still vulnerable to challenges and human error. These mistakes include data loss, fraud, cyber security issues. For technology and business solution upgrades and managed IT services, contact for more details.  Also check out industry leader Tier 3 IT Solutions for additional details on  Network Security Services that can help keep your business safe and secure.

Patrycja Thomas

Author: Patrycja Thomas

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