Partner in Focus: Shafer Leadership Academy

Partnering with Shafer Leadership Academy

First of all, imagine a world where people channel their energy to make a difference. A community where progress and development are given more focus. LEAP Managed IT is proud to spotlight our partners from Shafer Leadership Academy (SLA) SLA believes that effective leaders can make a difference. Hence, Shafer Leadership Academy provides the tools needed to reach those goals.

Being a non-profit leadership development organization helps them focus on their goals. Their mission is to provide access for people of various backgrounds and interest to become leaders. Through expert leadership training, meeting the needs of communities, business organizations and private individuals.

SLA provides leadership spark and skills to individuals through their various programs

  • Community Programs facilitate exercises and informative activities. This first step is for individuals to discover their potential as a leader.
  • Advance Leadership Retreat, focuses on the developing personal qualities, self-awareness and personal values. Leadership, whether in the corporate world or community environment relies on strong facilitation of skills. Likewise, when working with groups and colleagues.
  • Modification of programs and training for employees are offered thru SLA’s Custom Programs.  While this provides consistent development in an organization. SLA creates programs and leadership training for employees. Thus, promoting progress and growth. As a result, organizations make the most of its employees potential.
  • Above all, Shafer Leadership Academy’s programs are customized with a specific or sets of goals. Each program is interactive and engaging. Most noteworthy, SLA works with organizations in advance to customize the delivery and provide post-session consultations. With the post-session consultation the learning  experiences are maximized thru continuous evaluations.

Motivate Minds

Today is your new beginning. Motivate minds and empower leaders with Shafer Leadership Academy.

Leap partners with Shafer Leadership Academy for training and development.  We help our team identify their strength and grow their skills.

Similarly, our philosophies are simple and in sync. Development through training and technology.  Because having a foundation for growth helps organizations reach their goals.

Finally, learn about Leap’s IT Master Plan.  Visit today. Above all, make changes to help your team grow, invest in the people that help make your business a success.


Patrycja Thomas

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