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Getting more from your IT

Indianapolis, it’s time for better Computer Network Support for your company!  You need more from your IT, instead of just getting the break-fix scenario. Having the best Computer Network Support can turn your business around.  You will be able to give your clients the best customer service with the help of technology.

Tip Top Shape

Computer Network Support  and Managed IT Support has played a vital role in keeping businesses running efficiently.  Thus, technology has dramatically changed over the last 3 years. You may belong to different industries but the goal is all the same. To provide quality products and services that will meet your customers’ needs. Therefore, these goals are reached through practice of good business management system, strong business policy, highly skilled staff and information technology. To be able to operate efficiently, your computer network should be secure, hardware and software should work for and not against the system. Back up and data recovery plans should be in place, just in case of data loss.

When Is It time for Change and switch to Computer Network Support?

Shifting from a break-fix maintenance to getting computer network support through Managed IT requires some adjustment.  However, these changes will be benefit you the long-run as it promotes a strong IT foundation. When you have a computer network in place and something breaks, you contact an IT guy to fix it, and that’s just it. He comes out when he can, fixes only the problem and leaves until you have another issue.

However, when you have a computer network support system you have much more.  First, your computer network support team can not only fix the issue but they analyze, test, troubleshoot and evaluate the computer network as a whole. Second, your computer network support team or your managed IT team will examine your entire system to look for issues before they occur.   Often most issues can be prevented when you have developed a comprehensive IT plan with your provider.

Your IT support team should also give advice on how to level up business productivity through technology. Computer Network Support through managed IT services train your staff, manage security policies and configuration, manage servers and workstation. Basically, they act as your partner so you can focus on productivity and competitiveness.

It’s about Time

If you feel that your business is slacking due to downtime in your network, maybe it’s about time to contact a Managed IT Service for a Computer Network Support. Let’s talk and we will show you more, visit today.



5 Cybersecurity Tips For Small and Medium-Sized Companies

Technology has presented entrepreneurs with tremendous opportunities to expand their profits. Enhanced mobility, better productivity, easier storage – these are all significant benefits.

But with modern innovation come particular security challenges.

To ensure you’ll continue to profit off the benefits – without having to worry about putting your business at risk – keep these five cybersecurity tips in mind.

1. Secure Access to Stored Data

Maintaining a safe business network is paramount. It’s how you make sure your daily business operations will be carried on successfully.

cybersecurity tips

It’s the best way to reduce the likelihood of your business being breached and your system being compromised.

So what measure can you take to significantly lessen the chances of hackers stealing and exploiting sensitive data?

  1. Start by ensuring your Internet connection is secure by using a firewall and encrypting information.
  2. In case your business has a WiFi network, it should be hidden. That means your wireless access point or router should not broadcast the network name.
  3. Use a strong password to secure access to the router.

These are just a few essential elements that should be included in your plan to secure your networks.

Making sure your IT system is an asset and not a hindrance to your business takes time, energy, and expertise.

So if you need a partner to make the process easier, we’re here to help.

Our services are designed to keep your business secure, so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

2. Educate Your Employees on Data Security

Having a security system in place is not enough. You need to make sure your staff has a basic understanding regarding the importance of data protection as well.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve that:

  • Establish internal security practices and policies. Employees should know how to handle sensitive data.
  • Inform employees about the consequences of them not complying with established security practices.

3. Properly Maintain Your Servers

Servers work behind the scenes, but they take center stage when it comes to ensuring your business runs smoothly.

A server crashing or workstation failing unexpectedly often translates into:

  • Costly downtimes
  • Employees waiting around without being able to do their jobs
  • A potential loss of critical data.

You see, an unreliable network is a not only an open invitation for hackers to target your business. It’s also a threat to performance and productivity.

cybersecurity tips

Keeping a server running takes commitment. There are many aspects involved, such as:

  • monitoring server activity and performance
  • regularly cleaning your servers
  • scanning them for viruses

We’re more than happy to make that commitment and take care of all preventive maintenance, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

4. Make Data Back-Up a Business Priority

One of the best cybersecurity tips revolves around the idea that it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Having your hard drive crash and discovering your data is gone can have disastrous effects on your finances and reputation. 

Having backups shows that you take protecting your company seriously. However, not all backups are equal.

For instance, saving files on a USB drive and keeping it with the laptop where data was originally stored is a flawed strategy. What happens if that bag gets lost or damaged?

cybersecurity tips

5. Perform Ongoing Tests on Your Operating Systems

Ensuring security for your business should be a continuous effort – not just a single event. The IT environment is constantly changing and adapting, so it pays to be prepared.

That means performing tests for vulnerabilities and penetration by hackers on a regular basis. 

Having a security-first mindset is one of the best ways to minimize risks and protect your business.

Need Help Putting These Cybersecurity Tips into Practice?

A weak IT system puts your company at risk, regardless of your business’ size.

Acting on the information provided in this article will help you create the kind of security environment your business needs to grow and thrive.

In case you need some assistance putting these cybersecurity tips into action, you’re in the right place.

We can help. For more information on how to get started, feel free to get in touch with our team of approachable geniuses.