Looking for IT Support Fort Wayne?

Why do you need an IT consultant?

Information Technology or IT plays a vital role in running a business. Organizations rely heavily in technology for communication, manufacturing, and daily business activities.  Especially for the past months. For instance, the pandemic, forced us to find alternative ways to continue our business. Ineffective technology affects business in many ways. Read on to find out what technology can do for you. Need IT support in Fort Wayne, Carmel, Fishers, Muncie- LEAP Managed IT can help!

Lacking IT Support delays business from moving forward. Hiring an IT consultant to get dynamic support is important. It is way better than having to wait for a random technician to investigate the issue. A good IT consultant’s role is is to plan, design and install IT systems. Making sure that every aspect of technology is well coordinated with your business. Gone are the days of having to contact a break-fix contractor.

Hiring an IT consultant is like having a partner you can rely on. The role of an IT consultant is to advise you on how to use and maximize technology to meet business objectives accordingly. Therefore, they will find a solution to overcome IT problems by having a thorough plan of action. To prevent future issues, backups are set in place to minimize downtime.  Thus, interruption of workflow is avoided. In addition, their goal is to enhance the structure and quality of your IT system. Bringing the best possible results, in the timeliest manner. Looking for IT Support Fort Wayne- let LEAD Managed IT help.

SUpport services:

  1. Data Backup– A quick restoration process to keep business back and running again in case of emergency.
  2. Managed Network Service– Keeps all your equipment updated and secure. This includes the network, switches, access points, firewalls, hardware, and software.
  3. Managed Server and Workstations– is by providing a disaster recovery plan, increase security, eliminate server outages, and minimize downtime during server outages.
  4. Managed Security– protects intellectual property, confidential files and customer’s sensitive information from risk like ransomware.
  5. Helpdesk and Manage Support– is being there to help solve the problem and get you back up and running again.
  6. Firewall and VPN– is a system that controls the flow of data in your environment. It also adds another layer of protection at the same time allows employees to work remotely.

Copier and Printer Support

LEAP Managed IT offers various services for your printer, copier, scanner and shredding devices. They offer plans to give you the best value for your printing and copier needs. Professional support and maintenance are actively available to prevent issues and printing frustrations.

Grow Your Business with LEAP Managed IT

Find the best IT Support in Fort Wayne and never have to worry about IT with LEAP Managed IT’s, IT Master Plan, continue to move forward and grow your business while experts will take care of your IT obstacles. Above all,  this will enable you to focus on your business without having to worry about your organization’s network, IT support and equipment.




VoIP Basics

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol, aka VoIP is the best alternative for communication instead of using your local phone company.  This phone system works by using your Local Area Network (LAN) .

The distinct advantage is the capability for use across multiple internet-connected devices. In its most basic level, it is the process of turning analog audio signal into digital “packets”. This signal is delivered over the internet.

Simply, it lets you to make a phone call or video call the same way as you send an email.

Advantages of VoIP

Cost saving is the most appealing benefits of using using VoIP for businesses.  It is less expensive versus the traditional phone line.

Consequently, this is due to using one single network to carry both voice and data. Most users have existing network capacity and can use this phone system without any additional costs. Hence, in some cases, users see phone calls, including International calls as free. Skype is one good example.

Similarly, another advantage is its mobility. Because it operates using internet, you will be able to call and receive calls as long as you are connected. Thus, making business easy and simple.

How to get Started

Finally, consult your IT provider about having VoIP as a priority for your IT Master Plan. With perks and features that business owners can take advantage of, VoIP cannot be taken for granted. Because most businesses have several locations, easy communication between locations is a must. VoIP makes it easy to connect multiple points with a single click.  Hence, it has become a business standard all over the world.

Currently, there are a number of providers available today. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start. Let LEAP Managed IT assist you by assessing what type of business communication solution you need. As partners, we can save time and energy by tailoring a plan for you from VoIP providers in Indianapolis. Contact us leapmanagedit.com today.



IT Consultant Indianapolis

Indianapolis IT Consultants

Is hiring an IT Consultant  for your organization important? The answer is yes. Their role is to plan, design and install IT systems.  A part of an IT Consultant’s job is to advise on how to use and maximize information technology to meet business objectives. Second, they will have overcome problems.  Third, they will prevent future issues.  Their goal is to improve the structure and efficiency of your IT system. Delivering the best possible results, in the most effective manner. Indianapolis is comprised with a wide range of industries. They include medical, financial services, manufacturing, transport, utility, agricultural and a lot more. To be able to stay on top of management and operations, these industries rely heavily on information technology.  Thus, enhancing IT infrastructure to enable effective business processes. So where do IT Consultants in Indianapolis come in?

Getting the Best IT Consultant

To get the most out of an IT consultant, first thing you should remember is to be honest. Let them know about your plans and goals. Inform them which direction you want to go.  Have a budget goal. Lastly, have a clearer vision on how the IT side will be set up to work to your advantage.  Hence, IT consultants also provide ideas and suggestions. Furthermore, they give guidance and technical expertise.

An IT consultant will determine the requirements of your organization. They will layout a plan, timeline and the resources needed.  After strategic IT planning, you will be the one to decide if it’s a go or a no.  Certainly, you know what’s best fit for your organization.

Going Beyond Computers

An IT consultants skill sets go beyond computers and technical expertise. They have the ability to listen to suggestions and concerns. Ability to understand the needs of the client and the organization. At LEAP Managed IT, our team will prioritize you and your concerns regarding IT and beyond. We’d like to be part and contribute to the realization of the final goal and see our partners successful.

Indianapolis: Computer Network Support

Getting more from your IT

Indianapolis, it’s time for better Computer Network Support for your company!  You need more from your IT, instead of just getting the break-fix scenario. Having the best Computer Network Support can turn your business around.  You will be able to give your clients the best customer service with the help of technology.

Tip Top Shape

Computer Network Support  and Managed IT Support has played a vital role in keeping businesses running efficiently.  Thus, technology has dramatically changed over the last 3 years. You may belong to different industries but the goal is all the same. To provide quality products and services that will meet your customers’ needs. Therefore, these goals are reached through practice of good business management system, strong business policy, highly skilled staff and information technology. To be able to operate efficiently, your computer network should be secure, hardware and software should work for and not against the system. Back up and data recovery plans should be in place, just in case of data loss.

When Is It time for Change and switch to Computer Network Support?

Shifting from a break-fix maintenance to getting computer network support through Managed IT requires some adjustment.  However, these changes will be benefit you the long-run as it promotes a strong IT foundation. When you have a computer network in place and something breaks, you contact an IT guy to fix it, and that’s just it. He comes out when he can, fixes only the problem and leaves until you have another issue.

However, when you have a computer network support system you have much more.  First, your computer network support team can not only fix the issue but they analyze, test, troubleshoot and evaluate the computer network as a whole. Second, your computer network support team or your managed IT team will examine your entire system to look for issues before they occur.   Often most issues can be prevented when you have developed a comprehensive IT plan with your provider.

Your IT support team should also give advice on how to level up business productivity through technology. Computer Network Support through managed IT services train your staff, manage security policies and configuration, manage servers and workstation. Basically, they act as your partner so you can focus on productivity and competitiveness.

It’s about Time

If you feel that your business is slacking due to downtime in your network, maybe it’s about time to contact a Managed IT Service for a Computer Network Support. Let’s talk and we will show you more, visit leapmanagedit.com today.



Indianapolis Cyber Security

The cyber security world is never dull. Data breach and cyber crime may happen regardless of organization size, management and location.  To help carry out business plans and long term strategies, partners from our Indianapolis Cyber Security center are here to share insights on factors to consider in technology planning.  To maximize over all performance and grow in the ever changing world of business, staying updated on the latest in technology is an edge.

Expert Indianapolis Cyber Security

A dependable IT partner can thoroughly analyze your IT systems, hardware, framework and general operations. They can create a road map that can turn your operations from good to great. Tech Support can also advance your operations. They will provide up to date technology that will escalate productivity and eliminate downtime. Render assistance in keeping personnel aware of the newest phishing schemes and security breaches and how to address them.

IT Security

Our friends at Network Access can assist you in delivering the next generation of data security before a breach happens.  One way to prevent harmful intruders is through penetration testing.  Expert companies such as Network Access are trained in helping test your IT environment. They’ll design an evolving solution to help protect your infrastructure.

Off-site backup

Off-site backup: What would happen to your organization if your staff could not access your data? The most valuable asset stored on your computer is the data your company generates everyday. It is important to have it backed up regularly and stored in a safe location. Long gone are days of backing up to tapes and keeping them locked in your desk. Your information needs to be protected and easily accessed by you and your customers.  Tier3it.ca has solutions for businesses facing these challenges.  They offer customized solutions based on size and need.

When managing your IT seems overwhelming, visit leapmanagedit.com for a free 3 Minute Guide to Stronger IT.  It will provide you with a starting point for having a conversation with your provider along with a quick list of do’s when it comes to IT.

Feel free to reach to our Indianapolis Cyber Security experts.  Contact  our Indianapolis IT Support Center.

IT Support Indianapolis: 4 Powerful Ways IT Can Enhance Your Indy Business

Find yourself searching for IT Support Indianapolis?  You’re probably finding your IT support a little frustrating and are looking for insights about how other Indianapolis based companies solve their technology challenges.  Let’s face it having a proper IT infrastructure is key to running your day-to-day operations.

As your company grows, you might notice it becomes harder to handle IT related issues in-house.  So instead of focusing on growing your business, you will devote all your energy trying to handle IT maintenance in-house.  We hope the following insights makes your next IT Support Indianapolis search more beneficial.

That’s why leading Indianapolis, Indiana businesses turn to managed IT services – to outsource IT and to spend less time managing the IT department and more time running their business.

Here are four reasons why your business needs dedicated IT support and how it can benefit your company.

1. Access to Trained Professionals

One of the most critical aspects of working with a dedicated IT support team is the fact you will always work with security experts.

Companies which provide managed IT services will make sure their staff is aware of the latest technology and they’re up to date with the best practices when it comes to security.

That way, you won’t need to worry about the quality of their work, their skills and expertise.

IT Support Indianapolis

2. Receive a Complete IT Audit

The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to fixing your IT system is not doing a diagnosis first.

IT support companies companies specializing in managed IT know the value and understand that knowing your current environment an assessing your risk and vulnerabilities is the fist step in understanding your needs and helping create a roadmap for your success.

The audit should include a security threat assessment, state of your network, compliance and contingency planning to just name a few.

This is going to help your provider determine your company’s current state and  figure out how to leverage IT to improve day-to-day operations.

An audit should be done regularly to make sure your provider is helping you stay complaint and help plan for your company’s growth and development.

3. Set up an IT Strategy

Based on the IT audit, a leading IT support team will create a technology roadmap which will address all the issues which were discovered during the audit process.

The IT strategy will not only be implemented, but the team will also continually monitor your IT environment.  Reviewing the strategy after 30 days is highly recommended.  At this time all the collected data can be reviewed and progress can be measured.  Allowing you to see if all the benchmarks and goals are being met.

Having a strategy in place is critical to reaching long-term objectives.  Most importantly making sure your are continually compliant with  with federal, state, local and industry-related privacy laws.

4. Save Time and Money

Let’s be honest, IT support can be pricey.  IT service providers can work with you to pinpoint your most urgent needs.  You can begin the on-board process by attacking the most burning issues first, such as security or data backup and recovery.  This can help your business stay within your budget.

We’re aware IT maintenance can be overwhelming and having a dedicated professional team of experts will bring you peace of mind and time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Ready to Work with a Specialized IT Support Indianapolis Team?

IT Support Indianapolis

IT support is a must for all size businesses, especially due to the fact any company which stores data online, in the cloud or even onsite is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  Having your company data compromised is a nightmare and explaining the “how” & “why” to your customers is an even bigger ordeal.  Your customers expect certain levels of privacy, security and professionalism when they do business with you.  You help deliver a product or service while mainlining your integrity in all aspects of your business.

It’s important to work with professionals who understand the responsibility of handing your network and will work to ensure your company’s sensitive data cannot be accessed or compromised by hackers.

If you want to find out more about our IT managed services and how we can meet your business needs, feel free to get in touch with our IT Support Indianapolis Team (800) 649-9446.