Dentistry Hot Topics Indianapolis

Dentistry Hot Topics Indianapolis

Best Dental Practice

Running your own dental practice is not an easy task and keeping up with all the dentistry hot topics, compliance, IT, Cyber Security and trends can prove to be difficult.  You can give your best at providing your patients with superior oral healthcare all day and at the same time, you might be neglecting the other vital elements of having a successful dental practice in place.

The way you manage your dental office leaves a lasting impression on your patients and determines retention rates. Do they feel comfortable and come back for next appointment? Do you have courteous staff? Is your facility up to date? Are the patients’ medical records secure? Thus, it is important that you stay on top of best practices.

Technology & Dentistry

Technology wise, did you know that you can check your dental technology status in 3 minutes? Knowing the quality of your dental IT is recommended. Being a dentist does not exempt you from this task.

Is your data safe? Cyber security in dentistry has now become a necessity. Dental practices, big or small have become targets of cyber criminals. With the vast amount of data including names, addresses and other sensitive information, threat of this information being stolen is something that one cannot take for granted.

Another aspect of concern is your overhead. Reviewing your overhead percentages will help you stay on the right track.  Do you know the industry standards for overhead? Staff is most likely your largest expense. Train and cross train your staff for optimum performance. Create a plan for your overhead. Higher overhead in dental practice hurts your team, patients and most of all, your practice.

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LEAP Managed IT together with MW Banks bring you an interactive series of Hot Topics in Dentistry. This event focuses on providing Indianapolis Dental Practices with trends and most up to date topics on how to keep your practice growing, staying competitive and evolving to reach the next level of performance.  It includes an interactive presentation about Cyber Security, Technology, Financial Management, Operational Efficiency and a lot more.Check back for the next presentation in your area or email us to find out how to schedule a private event at your practice.  This series is brought to you by LEAP Managed IT together with MW Banks.


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