VPN Basics: Indianapolis

 VPN, what is it?

Indianapolis: VPN or Virtual Private Network is the first line of defense against having your identity or data compromised online. At the moment, Online Security and Data privacy are two of the hottest topics in IT. A VPN serves as a solution to another common problem linked to online security which is identity theft.  By adding another layer of security, you get an advantage through technology rather than turning it into a nightmare.

Layered Security

While the prospect of identity theft  seems unlikely to you, it is actually far more common than you think. In a recent online survey, it showed nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft, including nearly 15 million in 2017. These numbers are alarming and makes you rethink in investing in a VPN security plan. Having a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will give you better protection against hackers whenever you’re using the public WIFI. Furthermore, it will work as an added layer of security, to make sure that your online presence, financial data and personal information are kept private.

How a VPN Works

Virtual Private Network protects your data by an installed encrypted tunnel from the network to your device. The encrypted tunnel has the ability to hide your IP address masking your identity from prying eyes such as hackers. Therefore, every time you use the internet, external traffic runs through the tunnel to keep personal information and data safe.

Hence, there are quite a number of VPN providers today that offer affordable rates. They have different packages to choose from like IPVanish. Signing up for a year, would cost $6.49/month or $77.99 for 12 months.

The 3-minute Tech Check

With LEAP Managed IT’s Security Tech Check, we can assess your company’s security state in 3 minutes.  Take the quiz and learn if you and your business have the  5 basic levels of security are in place.  By understanding your security strength and weakness, we can help you develop a Master Plan for your IT structure.

Explore Dental Software and Dental IT Support

Indianapolis Dental Software and Dental IT Support Leap

Managing your Indianapolis dental practice with  expert Dental Software and Dental IT Support is not an easy task. Understanding dental software options is even more difficult.  It involves a complex system to make it run smoothly on a daily basis.

You now have the necessary software to help your practice function efficiently. Therefore you and your staff have begun the journey of learning what your software has to offer.  While you may be in camp two, you have not made the technology leap. Both sides need not to worry. We will look at a few tips and get expert advise from Dental IT Support leaders. Along with ideas on how to find the best dental tech support. Dental practice software has many features, your dental IT support team should help find the right fit for your practice. Here are some specifics you should look out for.

The most important will include the Scheduling of Patients, Charting, Treatment Planning and Integrated Digital Imaging. Because, not only do these features help your practice run efficiently. Hence they help your patients receive a higher level of customer service and stand out from your competition.

Take the Indianapolis Dental Practice Market, it has a wide range of providers.  Some are small independent Indianapolis dental practices that have one dentist, maybe two hygienists and an office assistant.  This practice logs all charts with pen and paper and does okay financially.

Another practice has two dentists, 4-5 hygienists and a three-person cross-trained office staff.  The second practice has an automated appointment reminder system along with text and email confirmation.  They track cancellations or rescheduling issues days prior to the appointment. Others wait for the traditional call that the first office would make one day prior to the appointment.  Consequently, this practice is more proactive and profitable all due to technology.

Let’s explore some of the dental software options available today

Online appointments and Communications Manager, such as Dentrix Patient Engagement solutions, offers great convenience.  It allows patients to schedule appointments online. It automatically sends dental appointment reminders and through email and text messages. Confirmed appointments then automatically appears in the appointment book. Making it a breeze to manage your patients’ day to day.

Digital Treatment Planning eliminates digging through file cabinets with thousands of dental health records, histories and treatment plans. Through this software, patients can readily visualize treatments and dental plans. With Patterson Eaglesoft Treatment Planning Software, you can also easily explain the potential financial impact of a treatment with insurance estimates and images to go along.

The Seamless Integration of Digital Imaging from Patterson Eaglesoft provides the most complete dental digital package available today. From video images to digital x-rays, giving you the ability to acquire and store all image types in one patient record, making it more organized, efficient and accessible.

Taking Full Control

The possibilities in dental technology and software are endless. The future of dentistry is here and it is now. To be able to stay on top of your dental practice, it is time to adapt to the changes.

Learn more on how to maximize and take full control of your practice through the latest technology. To know more, visit leapmanagedit.com. We have developed a 3-Minute Guide to A Stronger Dental Practice to determine identify strengths and vulnerabilities in your dental IT Solutions.

We also provide dental IT and dental tech support in the greater Indianapolis area including Carmel, Fishers, Zionsville, Westfiled and Greenwood.


Dentistry Hot Topics Indianapolis

Best Dental Practice

Running your own dental practice is not an easy task and keeping up with all the dentistry hot topics, compliance, IT, Cyber Security and trends can prove to be difficult.  You can give your best at providing your patients with superior oral healthcare all day and at the same time, you might be neglecting the other vital elements of having a successful dental practice in place.

The way you manage your dental office leaves a lasting impression on your patients and determines retention rates. Do they feel comfortable and come back for next appointment? Do you have courteous staff? Is your facility up to date? Are the patients’ medical records secure? Thus, it is important that you stay on top of best practices.

Technology & Dentistry

Technology wise, did you know that you can check your dental technology status in 3 minutes? Knowing the quality of your dental IT is recommended. Being a dentist does not exempt you from this task.

Is your data safe? Cyber security in dentistry has now become a necessity. Dental practices, big or small have become targets of cyber criminals. With the vast amount of data including names, addresses and other sensitive information, threat of this information being stolen is something that one cannot take for granted.

Another aspect of concern is your overhead. Reviewing your overhead percentages will help you stay on the right track.  Do you know the industry standards for overhead? Staff is most likely your largest expense. Train and cross train your staff for optimum performance. Create a plan for your overhead. Higher overhead in dental practice hurts your team, patients and most of all, your practice.

Learn More

LEAP Managed IT together with MW Banks bring you an interactive series of Hot Topics in Dentistry. This event focuses on providing Indianapolis Dental Practices with trends and most up to date topics on how to keep your practice growing, staying competitive and evolving to reach the next level of performance.  It includes an interactive presentation about Cyber Security, Technology, Financial Management, Operational Efficiency and a lot more.Check back for the next presentation in your area or email us to find out how to schedule a private event at your practice.  This series is brought to you by LEAP Managed IT together with MW Banks.


How to Find the Best Dental IT Support Indianapolis Has to Offer

A technology-based dental practice comes with a significant set of advantages, as it:

  • Operates more efficiently, which leads to a higher level of productivity
  • Provides an improved patient experience
  • Offers a great competitive advantage
  • and more.

However, finding the best dental IT support Indianapolis has to offer is not a small feat – especially if you are not exactly sure what to look for.

If this is something you are struggling with as well, then this article should come in handy.

Without further ado, here are a few essential aspects to keep in mind when shopping for an IT partner in the heart of Indiana. 

High Level of Expertise and Knowledge

If there is one aspect you shouldn’t compromise on when looking for the best dental IT support Indianapolis can provide, this is it.

You will be trusting your IT partner with crucial patient and business data. So, you need someone who can deliver quality services you know you can rely on.

One of the first things you should do is try to find reviews and testimonials which showcase the kind of value the IT service has provided to their previous customers.

Dental IT Support Indianapolis

As many of our clients say, working with LEAP Managed IT gets you customized defense and user policies which specifically outlines the network requirements your organization needs to be secure.

All the actions we take in regards to our customers’ IT are rooted in facts and knowledge. We don’t guess what the problem is. We investigate until we know for sure.

What’s more, you’ll always have the final say. That’s to ensure maximum transparency and you having full control of running your operations.

You can learn more about the services we provide here.

Top Communication

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to reach your IT team when you need them the most.

So make sure to check the terms and conditions regarding availability before you enter a contract with an IT service provider.

Also look for things like:

  • Whether they have support on demand
  • The number of support channels they offer
  • Their response times

At LEAP Managed IT, we like to see ourselves as partners to our clients, not just service providers. That means taking a commitment to readily assist them when they need us the most.

Dental IT Support Indianapolis

Smooth Transition to a More Secure Technology-Based Dental Practice

When looking for the top dental IT support Indianapolis can offer, make sure the service you choose will help you detect and implement all the IT changes needed for a more secure and more efficient dental practice network.

To get the most out of working from a digital platform in dentistry, consider an IT partner who can take care of your technological needs from start to finish and provide ongoing support. 

When collaborating with our partners, we often employ a 3-step plan to help them build a stronger network:

Step 1: Assess. During this stage, we provide a full evaluation of your dental practice’s current situation (including risks and issues) and offer top recommendations on how to improve.

Step2: Implement. Our team of experts will create a technology environment which addresses the quickly revealed in the assessment phase.

Step 3: Optimize. After all the changes are up and running, our team will continuously review your situation to ensure the implemented tech is in line with your goals (which we know can evolve over time).

It’s a straightforward, pain-free system which just works! Here are more details about the process.

Your Search for the Best Dental IT Support Indianapolis Has to Offer Can End Today

We believe technology should make you feel empowered and more confident about running your business.

If this is something you want and are ready to make the transition to a more efficient and more secure dental business, you can easily get started right now.

All you have to do is send us a message using this online form.